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Product Review: Cobra Extracts, California

By Frank Penn
Special to Cannabis Daily Record

Everyone knows Forrest Gump’s famous line: “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Well sometimes instead of chocolates, that box is full of weed. That was the case for me when I recently got my hands on a pretty special little box of my own. Inside was a fine pair of pure distillate oil cartridges and a key fob-shaped vape battery from Cobra Extracts, a big name in the California vape oil scene. It was a juicy sample platter calling my name and awaiting a review.

Have to admit, I’d never tried any Cobra Extracts products before, but I thoroughly enjoy California weed, and these oils did not let me down.

Whether you’re a resident or just a visitor passing through the state, it’s worth stopping by one of the many places where you’ll find Cobra Extracts’ line of either CO2 or pure distillate cannabis oil — sold in cartridges and nifty little syringe-like containers called Nectar Sticks. There are too many locations to count, so chances are there’s one within driving (or maybe even spitting) distance from anywhere in California.

As of now, you’ll find a dozen strains showcased on Cobra Extracts’ website. Lots of cool, common stuff, like Blue Dream, Granddaddy Purple and Gorilla Glue #4 — a few of my personal favorites. But this box contained two less common hybrids that you won’t currently see online: Blackberry Kush and Blueberry Haze.

Let’s start with the latter, because that one’s kind of a big deal. Cobra Extracts won the High Times 2018 Southern California Cannabis Cup for its Blueberry Haze distillate oil, taking the trophy for best vape cartridge. Now I see why.

This balanced cross of Blueberry and Haze makes for a very pleasant, mellow high. It’s good stuff if you’re looking to inject a little euphoria into your life at any time of the day. Great classic Blueberry flavor with this one, and it boasts a full terpene profile. I’ll go out of my way to find this cartridge the next time I pass through California.

Now on to Blackberry Kush. This is an indica-dominant blend of Blackberry and Afghani strains. I found it to be a good nighttime strain, as it gave me a pretty relaxed, slowed head and body high. As you’d expect, it left my energy level noticeably low for a busy day. So plan accordingly if you hit this one in the morning or afternoon.

For better or worse, I found the flavor quite bold and sweet for a distillate vape oil — almost like Smarties crushed up into a fruity vapor. Some people are definitely into that, so it’s worth a try.

The bottom line is these are both great cartridges.

The battery isn’t bad either. It has three settings for oils of different viscosities, but to be honest, I didn’t notice a difference between any of them. Any setting works great for these two cartridges. The key fob shape makes this a discreet travel companion. And my favorite feature is the built-in USB charger cable. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that.

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