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Product Review: Steamcloud Mini 2.0 oil vape

By Frank Penn
Special to Cannabis Daily Record

A successful sequel is a hard thing to pull off, but NY Vape Shop has done it with its upgraded portable vaporizer: the Steamcloud Mini 2.0.

Could this be the vaporizer to end all vaporizers? Eh, probably not. They just keep getting better — constantly more versatile and powerful. So don’t expect that trend to end anytime soon. But this may just be the best pocket-sized vape gadget on the market now.

The Steamcloud Mini 2.0 takes both standard 510 threaded oil cartridges and wax cartridges. At 2.5 long by 1 inch wide, this device offers more discretion than most compact vaporizers. The cartridge slides snugly into a narrow opening that uses a magnetic connection to the battery, making it a perfect fit for anyone’s palm. Just screw on the magnetic tip to the bottom of your cartridge, pop it in the slot and watch it snap into place.

Maybe it sounds weird to not have to screw on your cartridge, but the idea is that this actually gives you more consistent and richer results in each hit. How many times have you found yourself loosening or tightening a cartridge because the hit was too weak or something appeared clogged? The Steamcloud Mini 2.0 puts those issues to rest.

Of course, it also helps that this lovely little gadget has variable voltage for oils of different viscosities. There are three settings: green (3.4), blue (3.7V) and red (4V). That should be enough to cover all your vaping needs.

But the best feature of this little vaporizer is its preheat setting. Click the power button twice taking your first hit of a new cartridge to initiate a 15-second preheat process. Take a beat to watch the Steamcloud Mini 2.0 cycle through its vivid array of colors as your oil warms up. Then enjoy a much bigger hit than you would’ve had otherwise.

This little thing truly is a work of art.

The Steamcloud Mini 2.0 sells for $39.99 at NY Vape Shop’s online store. Though it may sound a bit expensive, considering its advanced features, it’s well worth the cost.

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