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WIRE: Taking a look at the new PAX 3 Vaporizer

With PAX 3, an already popular brand Pax Labs has changed the world of vaporizers again. They raised the level of vaping to the next level with a smart device. It is now meant to be the main unit in the product range of this San-Francisco-based company that specializes in the MTL herb and liquid vaporizers.

The new PAX 3 vaporizer is a dry herb and a concentrate device. Much like its older brother PAX 2, this device has a cylinder with a heat chamber on one end and a mouthpiece on the other one. You put your favorite stuff in the chamber, the herbs or liquid gets heated, and you inhale the vapor. There are three caps regulating the work of the chamber. There is a cap for full herb loading, a cap for particle loading, and a cartridge cap with a container for concentrates. This machine can handle all types of concentrates including wax products, which is something PAX fans have been asking for a while. There are different lids for the mouthpiece as well.

New Features

The main working principle remains the same, but there are some new features on this one.


Pax Labs made their new device all-metallic. PAX 2 was matt, but PAX 3 vape is an eye-catching piece of glossy metal. The main material is aluminum. It’s both light and durable. The device is made to be fully astonishing: the body is smooth, and the device fits the hand.

There are 4 colors available: Black, Rose Gold, Silver, and Teal. Other body elements such as LED-indicator or plastic top and bottom are in the same parts of the body as they were in the previous model.

The starter kit also includes a new charging station. It has a magnet snapping system so it’s quite easy and convenient to put the device on the station and take it off.

Power Supply

The PAX 3 vape has a new battery with a better capacity—3500mAh (PAX 2 had 3000mAh). This battery provides 5 to 10 working sessions without recharging.

Moreover, the new battery provides a working temperature up to 420F. Pre-heating time is also decreased in this device generation: it’s now 15 to 20 seconds instead of 45 seconds on the PAX 2.

PAX 3 Mobile App

The new PAX now has a mobile app for controls and adjustment. It switches and sets temperature modes and LED color and shows important indicators such as the charge level. There are 4 temperature presets for different situations: Boost (keeps the heating element hot for a longer time), Efficiency (slowly increases temperature throughout the session), Stealth (cools quicker and makes the vapor smell less), and Flavor (only heats your mix when you take a draw). You can also make your own custom mode via the app.

It’s important to say that you don’t have to use the PAX 3 app if you don’t want to. You can use the PAX 3 vaporizer with only the power button as it was with the older models. The app only helps to adjust the experience more precisely.

Warranty and Price

Pax Labs proclaims the high quality of the assembly for PAX 3. The company provides 10 years warranty to confirm that the gear is reliable.

Official current prices of PAX 3 are $199.99 for the device-only kit and $249.99 for the full kit.

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