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Vancouver’s CBD Pure continues to grow through lab-tested quality product

Vancouver, WA — CBD Pure, a line of high quality lab-tested whole-plant hemp CBD products, has experienced continued growth as its reputation continues to spread.

Made by Nutra Pure LLC, the company makes a point of sourcing its hemp in the United States, unlike many of the dubious companies buying CBD isolate out of China or India.

The company also uses SC Labs to test its products to make sure customers get what they pay for. The CBD Pure lineup of tinctures and soft gels are extracted with CO2 and are 100 percent organic and made from whole plant hemp.

Charlie F, a 60-year-old consumer in the Portland area, tested some of the company’s products and said he found the CBDPure Hemp Oil 300, with 5 mg of CBD and 1 g of Fully Spectrum Hemp Oil was exactly what he was looking for to relieve pain associated with aging.

“I am looking for CBD products that help with the aches of being an old man without the side-effects of ‘getting high’,” he said. “I understand that the impact from CBD is greatly enhanced by the entourage effect, but it is important to me that I remain mentally active and alert. For me, there is the need to err on the side of less THC and potentially less effect from CBD as a result.”

Some of the more concentrated products gave him some slight head effects, he said, but the 5 mg dose was perfect.

“I can use it during the day with no negative impacts to my clarity and wakefulness,” he said. “I can also use it with no “leftover” the next morning. A win!”

The company was founded in 2016 when the CBD crazy was in its infancy, and owner CJ Montgomery said that one of the most important things he’s learned from the health supplement industry is that customers care about quality. That’s why the company sources its hemp in Colorado, provides a 90 day guarantee and why it performs extensive quality testing, he said.

Other customers have touted the benefits of different products in the CBD pure line.

Nolan, a customer looking for an insomnia remedy, likes the CBD Pure Hemp Oil 600.

“After a long and heavy day at work, CBD Pure Hemp Oil 600mg helps me to fall asleep, recover and get relief from my chronic body pain,” Nolan said.

Jacob, another customer, uses the hemp-based product for nausea.

“I used to feel so nauseated after eating food,” Jacob said. “When nothing else worked I tried CBD Oil from CBD Pure and now I can safely say that I am finally rid of that horrible nauseated feeling.”

And Trish, another customer, uses CBDPure Hemp Oil 300 for anxiety.

“I’ve tried a few different CBD oils in the last couple of years, but so far my favorite is the 300mg from CBDpure,” she said. “Its extremely fast acting, so when the anxiety begins to kick in, I know I wont have to suffer for long.”

Even before the Farm Bill was signed into law in late 2018, CBD Pure saw a 6,200 percent growth spike compared with 2017. Now that hemp is legal through the Farm Bill, the company is poised for even more growth, Montgomery said.


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