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Product Review: Badass Skull Bong from NY Vape Shop

By Sue Vorenberg
Cannabis Daily Record

I’ve always loved skulls and skeletons and all things Halloween – but until recently my collection of paraphernalia did not accurately reflect that love.


Enter the “Badass Skull Bong” from NY Vape Shop.

My interest in this bong was two-fold. One was just the coolness factor of having a Red Skull Bong (eat your heart out Captain America), but I also wanted to see if the claims that high quality silicone is easier to clean and use were correct.

The unit comes with three pieces – a silicon neck, a silicon base with the skull feature, and a silicon downstem that slips into the water. You’ll need to get a separate bong bowl to use with the piece if you don’t have one already.

The two halves of the bong screw or just pop together. I was worried when I first used it that water would leak through the seam, but it doesn’t. It’s oddly water-tight for its looks.

Using the bong is pretty standard. Fill the bottom with just enough water that the smoke bubbles through, but not enough that you’re drinking bong water, fire up that bowl and enjoy.

The taste of the flower through the bong has a slight hint of silicon in it, but it’s not all that significant compared with my glass bong. And the silicon itself seems to add a little bit of cooling to the smoke compared with old glassy.

But it’s true that cleaning is where this thing really shines.

You can pop it in half, take the stem out and toss everything in the dish washer if you’re feeling truly lazy.

You can also clean it by hand very easily doing the same thing, using warm soapy water or the more usual rubbing alcohol and salt. Just pop the piece in half, and you can access all those ugly little nooks and crannies where resin builds up – including places that you just can’t get to on a glass bong.

You can also mush the parts up, squash them, bend the silicon downstem to make sure nothing is sticking inside and then quickly be back up and smoking.

In other words, it’s a lazy bong smokers dream.

The unit is also on sale right now for $32.99 – which is a great price for a rugged, durable bong.

And did I mention it has a cool skull on it?

If you like skulls and easy to clean paraphernalia, go get yourself one!



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