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Product Review: CBDFive Refillable Vape Pen

By Katie Z
Special to Cannabis Daily Record

CBDFive vape pen touts that their pen is ideal for vaping CBD oils and is an affordable reusable pen priced at $34.99.

But while it is a more affordable option than some on the market, the pen itself isn’t much different than the simple single draw vapes.

Sleek in design, it has unique color options (I tried their rainbow-colored pen). Inside the box was a charger, cord, battery and two chambers in different sizes.

The pen has three heating options available green, red and blue (3.4V, 3.6V, 3 8V). It took a little experimenting to figure out how to use it, as the directions included in the box were lacking.

I was finally able to try the larger chamber using a hemp based CBD vape juice. It heats up quickly and provides a satisfying level of smoke on the exhale.

While I tried to use wax in the smaller chamber on a higher heat setting (blue and green) I found that beyond burning my lips and fingers it lacked the ability to actually vape.

Perhaps the pen is best suited for only vape liquids, but it’s unclear both on the website and directions. My experiment was a failure.

Casual recreational users seeking an alternative to typical vape liquids may feel some slight differences, but there’s no actual scientific evidence that it provides more than a simple pleasure of smoking/vaping.

If you’re seeking a sleek vape pen for liquids this could be a good alternative to the more bulky vape devices out there, although finding other products that are able to pour into the chambers may be difficult. I don’t recommend this for someone who uses other forms of cannabis pens, such as the non refillable cartridges you can purchase at your local dispensary.

My rating is 3 out 5 stars due to the limitations, lack of clear instructions and wasting product to find out if it works. My suggestion to company is to include which kinds of products work and distinguish the differences between the chambers and heat settings as well as best temperatures for each product.

As a side note coming from a large quantity consumer patient I don’t recommend vaping CBD as it provides very little if any medicinal benefits as opposed to other methods of consumption. Not every patient will notice relief nor be without side effects. I personally get headaches from CBD by itself in any form and need to have a more balanced product for relief *Google entourage effect for more information*

Due to hemp and cannabinoids being removed from our food supply since the 1940s, people new to cannabis may notice effects after consuming any amount of CBD. If tolerance develops quickly I suggest increasing your dosage or looking for products that add THC or other cannabinoids.

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