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Product Review: Smojo Permanent Smoking Screen for pipes

By Sue Vorenberg
Cannabis Daily Record

As a regular cannabis pipe smoker, I rarely come across a truly novel gadget that improves my smoking experience dramatically – then I was introduced to the Smojo.

This truly wonderful little gadget is a metal hinge-type piece that looks like some sort of repair part for a set of Venetian blinds. It slips into the hole in your pipe bowl, and keeps soot, burnt chunks and other detritus from moving through the pipe and into your lungs.

And it has a hitch to hold it in place so it never falls out.

It actually works rather spectacularly.

A single Smojo for one pipe costs about $5 on Amazon, and it’s well worth it. The metal piece is made of surgical grade stainless steel and never wears out. And it doesn’t at all mind being singed over and over by your lighter.

I used to get lungfuls of all sorts of interesting things when smoking out of my glass pipe. But since I started using Smojos my coughing has gotten a lot better and my lungs are more clear of junk.

It also pops out pretty easily for cleaning, which you’ll need to do periodically because it can clog up the pipe hole. But it’s well worth the work because of how much it protects your lungs.

I have these in most of my pipes at home now, and my smoking buddies insist on using those pipes rather than the ones that don’t have Smojos when they come over.

I’d highly recommend these for anybody who likes to use a pipe or a bong. They’re inexpensive, fit well and will make you feel a little more healthy. What’s not to like?

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