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Product Review: Lazarus Naturals Blood Orange CBD Tincture

By Nate B.
Special to Cannabis Daily Record

I really enjoyed Lazarus Naturals‘ Blood Orange CBD Tincture.

The taste is good but not overpowering or cloying, and it definitely hits you with the Blood Orange flavor.

The tincture is pleasant and mixed well with a glass of Diet 7UP. It has a light viscosity, similar to light Wesson oil.

As to effectiveness it definitely does the work of a good CBD product. When I first tried it I used a full 1 ml dropper at bedtime for a week and I slept very well.

I like using CBD products as sleep aids, but I dropped my dosage down to 1/4 ml for regular usage, as the full dose left me feeling a little “dopey” the next morning.

With the lower dose, I woke up feeling relaxed and loose.

This is a good product for those who wish to use cannabis/hemp based CBD products for anxiety and sleep.

It has some effectiveness for pain, but not as much as tinctures that contain some (if minimal) THC, which in my case is necessary for pain control. If you need a CBD product that does not contain much THC this is a great product.

[Note from the company: The tincture (and all of our products) contain trace amounts of THC (still falling below 0.3%), but a positive drug test is possible. We make this clear in the FAQ section of our website and advise people not to take CBD products if a positive test is a concern to them. ]

The hemp CBD in Lazarus Naturals is also sourced in Oregon, and the company is based in Washington. It’s much easier to assure the quality of products that are grown in the United States as opposed to overseas in countries like China.

The company also has an assistance program for veterans and those with low income to help them afford the products with a lifetime 60 percent discount. For more, visit

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