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Product Review: Juju Royal Ultra Premium Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

By Michael H.
Special to Cannabis Daily Record

It’s still the Wild West with CBD products these days. We’re finding Cannabidiol in places the average consumer would never have anticipated. The market is exploding, and what High Times coined as “the Cinderella Molecule” is pushing its way into products that might have seemed absurd just a few short years ago.

In the rush to capitalize on this new market the consumer is seeing some downright weird things. Need a CBD infused deodorant? We’ve got you covered. CBD toothpaste? Sure, why not? How about CBD suppositories? Yep. Do you have an anxious cat? There’s a tincture for that. Headed to the club? There’s a whole line of CBD cosmetics to get you that perfect “smoky-eye” look.

In a flooded, mostly unregulated market, a lot of these companies are making curiously bold claims with scant science to back it up. The mainstream consumer can be forgiven for cold-eyed skepticism in the face of such a deluge.

Which brings me to “Julian Marley’s Juju Royal Ultra Premium Extra-Virgin Olive Oil” and yes that’s a lot of superlatives crammed into the name of a single product. How does one review something like this? Am I reviewing it purely on its olive oil qualities or it’s supposed CBD-derived therapeutic effects? Both?

In the end, there was nothing left to do but whip up a plate of Linguine Aglio e Olio and slice up a loaf of rustic Como for dipping.

We sautéed some sliced red and yellow bell peppers with some garlic using the rosemary-infused oil because it had a headier nose on it than the basil. Then we put a pot of al dente linguini into the pan with a half-cup more of the rosemary-oil, topped the whole shebang off with some fresh tomato, feta, lemon zest and salt and pepper to taste. We poured both the rosemary and basil into some ramekins for dipping the Como into and regrettably we skipped the wine so as not to dilute any therapeutic mellowness we might get from the CBD.

Yes, it was delicious, and yes, I’m eating leftovers while I write this article. You should know that Bob Marley’s son Julian makes some great extra-virgin olive oil. It’s light-bodied with a better mouth feel than your average olive oil. Neither my partner nor I could stop dredging the Como through this lovely liquid. The tastes of both the rosemary and basil infusions are subtle but distinct, and there is virtually none of the CBD bitterness familiar to most CBD edibles.

Now, it should be said that each 8oz bottle of Marley’s cold-pressed, “Ultra-Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil” is fifty bucks. After sautéing vegetables, cooking pasta and dipping bread we easily burned through three quarters of a cup of oil, making this easily the most expensive mess of pasta our household has ever made.

OK, fine, but what of the therapeutic benefits? My wife and I both felt an uncommon mellowness after a meal that was notable for its complete lack of wine. But one could assign that to eating a heaping mess of simple carbohydrates.

There’s no doubt that Julian Marley’s Juju Royal Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is worth of some of the superlatives in its mouthful of a name. The question is, is it worth fifty bucks? I guess that depends on who’s buying.

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