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LIVING: Find out what the proper CBD dosage is and follow the treatment accordingly

Washington — CBD can be a very controversial treatment. Apart from the talks around its use for treating serious medical conditions and several addictions, most people don’t know what this cure actually means. Since this industry is quite new, a lot of first-time users and even more experienced members of the community don’t know what the proper CBD dosage is.

Today we have easy access to information and people can find out what the affections which can be treated with CBD are. Even so, the main problem is that the FDA still hasn’t released any information about the CBD recommended daily intake (RDI). In this case, no official serving size is known for this cure and this leaves enough room for speculations and incorrect administration.

A few steps will take you closer to the suitable CBD dosage

In their search for the perfect CBD dosage, people are following the recommendations of certain brands or friends who are already using the cure. This is not a good idea, even if you find the words purity-cbd in the same sentence.

Usually, we hear that one dropper/ day is the recommended dosage. However, this doesn’t apply to every user. People have to take several factors into consideration:

  • The CBD concentration;
  • The user’s weight;
  • Every person’s construction and anatomical features;
  • How severe the condition you are treating is.

In conclusion, there isn’t any all-times applicable rule when it comes to CBD administration. The optimal dosage is given by each individual’s unique characteristics. Here’s how we can be sure that we fully benefit from the treatment.

1. The body weight is a good estimator

In this case, people who have more body mass need more CBD for effectiveness. A good estimation means 1–6MG of CBD for each 10 pounds from a person’s body weight. This dosage should also be based on based on every individual’s pain level.

2. Start with small dosage and increase the daily intake

3. Your physician will help you determine the right CBD dosage based on your anatomical traits

Now that you’ve learned how to dose the daily CBD intake, let’s talk about the products that hold this quantity. As you know, the cure can be found in various forms: oil for vaporizers, tincture, body products and even capsules.

Now, another question arises: how much substance is there in every type of product? Let’s find out more about this subject.

CBD tinctures are among the easiest treatment methods. Just follow the recommendations written on instructions and you won’t make any mistakes.

Other efficient treatment methods are CBD vapers. These are used for recreational purposes also. In this case, you can consider factors like how much CBD is in a dropper, what quantity you need for filling the tank and how many times do you refill it.

According to many voices, the most accurate way to dose the CBD you take every day is by using capsules. These items contain the exact amount of substance, so you don’t need to start counting the values. All you have to do is remember to take the capsule on time.

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