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Product Review: Bluebird Botanicals CBD

By Michael H.
Cannabis Daily Record

Not only has the CBD oil hype train officially left the station, it’s rounded the bend and
ascended some lofty peaks we didn’t even know it was capable of. Think less steam engine and more bullet train.

In June the FDA approved the first drug derived from the cannabis plant, Epidiolex. The
drug is a twice-daily oral solution of liquid cannabidiol that helps manage two specific
types of epilepsy. To get that approval they had to meet rigorous FDA standards, so we’re talking peer-reviewed and double-blind studies that would warm any skeptic’s heart.

These results can’t be underestimated. The study gives legitimacy to the CBD industry,
an industry already projected to be a multi-billion dollar industry over the next few years.

Commercial hemp concerns have been busy rushing to major law firms seeking guidance for new patents and regulatory navigation with the FDA. There’s been a sea change and companies are rushing to fill niches particularly in health and wellness.

In the gold rush to make a buck on CBD-based products with little to no regulation the
market can flood with product that’s dubious at best, toxic at worst. Still, even though the
industry is shiny and new, there are some companies that have been doing this long
enough to hone quality control and customer service into an art form.

Bluebird Botanicals is one of those companies. Bluebird Botanicals has an array of hemp-based CBD oil products: Hemp Classic, Hemp Complete, Hemp Signature and Hemp CBD vape oil.

Each bottle comes from a numbered batch that is third-party tested for potency, solvents, pesticides and heavy metals. The profiles of your specific bottle’s batch are available on Bluebird’s website, a standard of transparency few in any industry use.

If you’re new to trying CBD products, Bluebird’s Hemp Classic may be a good starting
point. Like nearly all of Bluebird’s products, the Classic is vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free
and doesn’t contain any sweeteners.

This is a concentrated hemp extract emulsified in hemp oil, so if you’re not used to it, the flavor can be “earthy” to say the least. I found the Classic to taste better than the terpene-heavy Hemp Complete.

Hemp Complete combines both raw and heated cannabidiol, plus a blend of hemp terpenes. There have been some studies that suggest terpenes work synergistically with cannabinoids to have an anti-inflammatory effect, but more studies need to be done.

One thing is for sure, terpenes bring a distinct flavor that polarizes people. If I didn’t put my drops of Hemp Complete in a smoothie I probably wouldn’t us it.

Still, if the taste turns you off, you can order it in capsules or vape oil through Bluebird’s website. I found the vape oil experience to be best as it was quick, discreet and my taste buds didn’t recoil in horror. I could probably jazz up my vape oil with a bit of essential oil if I needed to.

The reality is that a little of these products goes a long way. Bluebird’s extremely
informative website suggests finding your own sweet spot and there’s easily enough
information there to get you started. I personally found ten drops twice daily killed the
inflammation I carry around in my back, but certainly some experimentation is required.

The hemp industry as a whole is just getting started with regards to CBD products. Some
project growth past 500% by 2020, and another shift in the industry may come with more
FDA approvals.

Companies that control for quality, that are transparent and informative
like Bluebird Botanicals are fortresses you can rely on in what is surely the Wild West of
a new industry.

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