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OPINIONS: The Top 5 Vape Pens in 2018

By Margaret Wilson
Special to Cannabis Daily Record

A vape pen is a great vaping device for a person that wants a device with more power than an e-cigarette but without the complexity or bulkiness of vape mods. They’re thin and long, easy to fill, charge, and use, plus there’s plenty of flavors from Liquido24 that all users can get.

A good vape fits in a purse or pocket nicely and is easy to use anywhere. They’re usually also available in different styles and colors.

Vape pens have raised the popularity of vaping concentrates, especially among the people that want to use marijuana for medical purposes. To vaporize marijuana, some heat is required, and that can’t be achieved with a lighter only.

Vaping pens use a small battery as their power source. They also have an atomizer with a heating coil. They are loaded with vaping concentrate and the battery engages the heating coil once the user presses a button thereby starting to produce vapor.

If you are thinking about choosing top 2018 device, have a look at our review of the best vape pens (click to find out more). Hope this will give you enough information and make your choice easier.

1. Pro Series 3

This is a small, versatile, and easy to use device. It comes with a magnetic tank that makes using it super simple. It’s a 3-in-1 device that instills the passion to vape in the user. It handles all vaping needs of the user because it can be used to vaporize e-liquid, concentrates and dry herbs. If you want to vape marijuana for medical or recreational purposes, this is one of the devices to consider. That’s because it handles both wax and herbal concentrates with ease.

To use Pro Series 3 for medical purposes, put concentrates on the tank, which alongside cartridges, have a connection to the magnets. Push the activation or power button 3 times to activate the device and start vaporizing. Press the power button for this device to work effectively when taking drag. To change vaping materials, switch cartridges.


  • Vapes smoothly
  • Magnetic chargers/tank
  • Cool colors


  • Small tank

Consider this device whether you are new to vaping or experienced.

2. Mig Vapor Wasp

This device comes with a pen-like shape. Holding it is easy and it can easily be carried in a pocket. It has a rubberized finish that gives it a great grip. It also features an activation button and it is very responsive. The fast-response technology of this device enables the user to start vaping in a matter of seconds after hitting a fire button.

Mig Vapor Wasp derives its power from a 900mah battery. This allows the user to enjoy over 50 high-quality puffs with a single charge. This is sufficient to last the entire day vaping moderately.

Additionally, this device has a carborundum coil. This is a dual wiring with high resistance to oxidation and enhanced thermal conductivity. As such, the user enjoys pure vapor using a battery efficient device. The coils produce great flavors and density. Users can comfortably vape at a temperature of between 400 and 455 degrees Fahrenheit using this device. Its compact and discreet design makes it ideal for mobile vaping.

3. Prohibited in the 5th

The great battery life of this vaporizer pen makes it ideal for users that want to vape marijuana in public or on the go. It vaporizes dabs to deliver great flavor and vapor. Using this device is easy and its versatility and durability are excellent. It works with expensive vapes and dry herbs. This is also a plus for people that want to vape different concentrates.

Essentially, this device allows the user to remove and interchange cartridges with ease. The temperature settings of the device are easy to access and loading cartridges is a straightforward process. This is particularly important because users need varying temperature settings for most waxes and dry herbs.

Magnetic canisters are easy to swap out anytime you desire to change the materials. Overall, this is a great device for anybody that is fond of waxes and herbs.


  • Flexible
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to access temperature settings


  • Almost the same with other Pro Series models

4. Minion Vape

This is another device to consider if you want to start vaping or take your vaping experience to another level. Produced by Mig Cig, this device is colorful with a sleek design. It produces a tasty vapor and it provides great power considering its size. It comes in different colors that make it ideal for anybody that loves a color splash.

If you want to enjoy a vapor cloud, this is a good device to consider. It is bigger than the other devices slightly. However, the size of this device is what gives it longer battery life and more power. This is an ideal device for anybody that wants a more stylish pen. Using it is fun and it produces tasty and smooth vapor.


  • Easy to top-fill tank or use
  • Many color options
  • Study design
  • Sleek look


  • Clicky power button

5. The Vapor Zeus

This is a powerful vapor pen. If you want to buy a device that is easy to use with more power, consider investing in the Vapor Zeus. It is praised by people that look for simplicity and satisfaction when it comes to vaping. It delivers impressive throat hit and vapor.

The Vapor Zeus comes with a soft rubber mouth piece rather than the metal piece that is found in other devices. It produces a taste that is a little richer. It is designed to fulfill cravings with 5 volts.


  • Great flavors
  • Extended battery life
  • Impressive throat hit


  • Heavy use makes it warm

This device comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 3.2% of adults in the U.S were using vape pen mods in 2016. But are they using the best devices? An ideal device is straight-forward in terms of its use. It is suitable for a person that wants a simple device that is easy to take care of. The color choices and compact size make the best devices popular among users. These are some of the qualities that make the devices highlighted here stand out.

About the author: Margaret Wilson, a blogger who writes about the healthy way of life (healthy food, sports, motivation etc.). Now she studies vaping as an alternative for people who are struggling with smoking.

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