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WIRE: Is CBD oil legal and what to know about CBD and cannabis


WASHINGTON — CBD oil is fast gaining prominence in the world of medicine, health and wellness. In a world that is getting crazier by the day, more stressful and pressure- filled, the reason for the prominence is not far-fetched. There are scientific studies that confirm that CBD can help relief pain and anxiety. These studies have in turn made CBD oil users more confident of its potency and effectiveness says Joliet lawyers.

Due to the peculiarity of the origin of this oil, it is pertinent to know and be sure of the legality or illegality of the use of the substance. In various countries and states such as in the United States that operate various state laws, the legality of CBD might still be unclear.


The full meaning of the term CBD is ‘cannabidiol’. It is one of the numerous chemical compounds found in cannabis or marijuana plant. The oil is made by extracting CBD from the cannabis or marijuana plant, then diluting it with carrier oil like coconut oil. It is extracted from hemp grown on the finest farms in India. It is a type of chemical in marijuana that causes drug-like effects all through the body, including the central nervous system and the immune system. As a result of this, it is a controlled substance, the use of which is closely monitored by various governments.


A major feature of CBD that makes it appealing compared to marijuana or some other pharmaceutical drugs is that when it is derived from hemp , it is not psychoactive, that is, it does not give the sensation of getting or being ‘high’. CBD has several uses.


It is used in the alleviation of pain; studies have shown that CBD is effective in treating pain that relates to arthritis and multiple sclerosis. Secondly, CBD could reduce anxiety and depression. Both mental health disorders are usually treated with drugs that could have side effects on the user. However, CBD has shown a better promise as a treatment and many have turned to the natural remedy. Acne, which affects a lot of people, can be treated using CBD oil because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It also has the ability to reduce sebum production which is a factor that can cause acne. It has also been useful in the treatment of the symptoms of cancer or the side effect of cancer treatment.


Cannabidiol hemp oil derived from hemp is legal in many places. In all fifty states in the United States, hemp- derived CBD oil is legal. Purchase and possession are completely allowed. It may sometime be confused with the marijuana counterpart and could thus still have restrictions but from the legal perspective in the United States, it is legal. The law therefore seldom has any problem with hemp because it has no psychoactive effects. This feature has also endeared CBD gotten from hemp to many also seeking the uses.

However, CBD oil drops derived from marijuana is illegal in many countries especially those who had out rightly banned the use as opposed to CBD oil obtained from hemp. This is because marijuana contains about 30% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that determines how psychoactive the user would be. Hemp contains about 0.3%THC which has made it more acceptable in the society. This means that marijuana can get a user really high while it will be impossible to get high from hemp. Marijuana because of it psychoactive effect is not so freely left to be used by the law. Hence the reason why the source of the CBD oil in many instances determines its legality.

Marijuana-derived CBD on the other hand is not as straightforward. In some places it is legal, while in others it is illegal. This is because it is very rich in THC and the governments of different states thus control the sale, purchase and possession of marijuana and any product derived from it. Some places have however made CBD legal not minding whether it was derived from hemp or marijuana.

For some states in the United States of America that have made the use of CBD legal especially for medicinal use, such as Texas, Missouri, Virginia among others, they have specific legislation as to the level of THC to be found in CBD oils and the conditions to be treated with CBD. Thus, to purchase CBD products, a prescription will be needed from a medical doctor.

In conclusion, it is clear that there is a growing demand and market for CBD products and this is due to the several benefits derived from it, however, the issue of its legality is not as clear. Its legality is tied in many places to its source. It is important to know whether it is legal in your city, so you don’t fall on the wrong side of the law.

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