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WIRE: Crispy Cubes cannabis infused marshmallows launch in Oregon

Portland, ORFlyt420, the newest creators of cannabis edibles, today announced the launch of Crispy Cubes, a scrumptious THC infused marshmallow treat.

Crispy Cubes are the adult version of the classic homemade treats your mom made. The bold packaging looks enticing and unique on the shelf, making it a go-to grab for your next adventure. The cubed package contains a total of 40 mg of THC that is then divided into single serve micro-doses of 5mg.

Crispy Cubes are pure marshmallow with none of the earthy “green” flavor present in many other edibles. Pre-cut into perfect squares to activate within approximately 30 minutes, consumers can be prepared for a positive, uplifting experience that can also be beneficial for pain relief. These guilty pleasures are readily available in four new flavors: Marshmallow, Chocoholic, Berry Good, and Rainbow.

“Easy, precise dosing, delivered in a whimsical, safe experience is one of our main goals when it comes to edibles,” said John McIsaac, spokesperson for Crispy Cubes. “The entire package is 40 mg, so consumers know exactly how much THC they’re getting as they eat.  Also, we’ve solved the issue of consistency and potency; our THC distillate is accurately distributed in every bite.”

Flyt420’s recipe ensures that the flavor tastes like the classic, with natural sweetness and real flavors for your ultimate satisfaction. Because of its adventurous lifestyle and fun culture, all the ingredients are locally sourced, manufactured, and packaged in Oregon.

Crispy Cubes are handmade and packaged in Portland by Gesundheit Foods, the first Oregon-based company licensed by the OLCC’s Recreational Marijuana Program to pack and bottle cannabis-based food and beverages.

About Flyt420

Flyt420 was founded with a mission of creating imaginative, innovative and delicious cannabis-infused goodies that they themselves would want to eat.  Purity, Potency, Flavor & Fun are the cornerstone values of Flyt420, and the company guarantees consistency and joy in every product by combining the purest form of THC distillate with first-class ingredients. Prepare for Take-Off!


Media contact:

John McIsaac

503-481-9621 (West Coast)


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