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Product Review: YoCan iShred dry herb vape from King Pen Vapes

By Sue Vorenberg

I’ve always been a complete and utter gadget nerd, which is probably why I end up review a lot of vape gadgets on this site.

But I’ve never come across something I’ve wanted to call the Swiss Army Knife of herbal vape pens as much as the YoCan iShred dry herb vape from King Pen Vapes.

This thing, which is currently on sale for $74.95 on the site, actually has a small herb grinder and storage chamber attached to its bottom end. And that makes it very easy to go from a small bud to a full bowl in no time – whether your at home or on the go.

That said, grinding in the unit is a little messy, and you’ll need a fairly small bud to start with, because the grinder is pretty small.

Excess material can be stored in a second chamber beneath the grinder once that process is finished. Or you can put it straight into the unit’s fairly large heating chamber (which fits a full grinder load perfectly).

The mouthpiece also has an attached stir stick that goes into the dry herb so you can make sure you get an even burn on all the plant matter during heating.

After you get through all that, the digital component of the vape is very simple to use. To turn it on after charging, you push the on button five times.

The display shows the current temperature of the unit in large numbers, and to the left in smaller numbers above the timer it shows the desired heating temperature. To alter the temperature, you simply push the up and down arrows until you reach the number you want.

Personally I like to slowly bump the temperature up from about 390 degrees F – for terpene taste – to 429 degrees F or so, which burns most of the cannabinoids and a stronger head effect.

Once you’ve picked the temperature, you simply hold the on button down for about five seconds and it will start heating. The unit also starts a five minute timer at that point so you know when to shut it off.

To turn the unit off, you hit the on button five times, same as to turn it on. And if you screw up on the temperature and want to stop it, you can also hit the button five times to turn it off.

When I tried the unit I found the vape to be a little thin, but I could certainly taste it and feel the effects.

With higher temperatures you get a thicker vape quality, but it’s also more harsh on the lungs, which is true of pretty much every herbal vape on the market.

The unit is also very simple to clean. It comes with a fat brush that’s the same size as the chamber, making it easy to whisk old material out.

The grinder unit is a bit more messy. I had to poke my knife into it a couple times to get loose cannabis that was stuck between the wall and some of the grinder bits.

At $74.95, I think this thing is a great bargain. The grinder isn’t perfect, but it’s certainly handy on the go. And at home if you’re like me you probably have a larger grinder or two lying around anyway. The unit is solid, the instructions are simple, and it works very well.

Solid recommendation if you’re looking for an on-the-go herbal vape with everything you need in one place.


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