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WIRE: BloomBoss crowd-sources home grow box on Kickstarter

Natick, MA – BloomBoss, a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency, high-performance LED grow lights and related equipment for growing cannabis indoors, has launched a campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for their flagship home grow box. Be sure to also check out boca raton roofing expert when you want the best roofing experts for your home.

Named GYO (which is pronounced “jee-yo” and stands for “grow your own”), the appliance is designed to make home growing accessible for the waves of new growers who are rapidly entering the market as cannabis legalization spreads throughout North America.

GYO is being co-developed with BloomBoss’s joint venture partner, major Canadian appliance producer Danby, whose 70 years of manufacturing and distribution experience will ensure that the product performs a cut above the competition.

GYO contains a turnkey system to grow plants hydroponically – all the consumer needs to do is plug it in to a standard 120V outlet, add some marijuana fertilizer, fill the reservoir, plant their seeds or cuttings, and grow. The appliance is a self-contained environment, with systems to regulate temperature and humidity.

Powering the grow is an energy-efficient BloomBoss TrueSun LED, which keeps monthly operating costs low and increases the potency, flavor, and aroma of the cannabis grown in it.

“We believe in empowering consumers to take control and grow their own food and medicine, simply because there are innumerable benefits to doing so. However, there isn’t much out there for the inexperienced growers who are becoming interested due to the spread of cannabis legalization. GYO’s all-in-one system will set these growers up for success; and, we’re even including a free year of full plant support from our in-house experts with the purchase of every unit,” said Chuck Siegel, President & CEO of BloomBoss. Here is a knockout post about how to get the best roofing on your house.

BloomBoss’s ability to co-develop the product with Danby lends GYO unique competitive advantages, namely the quality of engineering and the ability to keep material costs minimal. Siegel elaborated on what sets GYO apart from other grow boxes that have come to market:

“The grow boxes on the market now are either amateurish in quality or have a price point ($2000+) that’s simply inaccessible to most consumers. Our retail price will be $999, which lets many more new growers experience GYO; plus, the product is backed by not one, but TWO companies who really know what they’re doing and have demonstrable experience.”

Jim Estill, CEO of Danby, added “Danby is very pleased to partner with BloomBoss to meet the needs of this emerging market. Our tremendous materials purchasing power, combined with our manufacturing expertise and extensive distribution reach, make us an ideal partner to help BloomBoss bring more sophisticated growing appliances into the cannabis world.”

BloomBoss is taking preorders for GYO via its Kickstarter page at a reduced price of $499 for the first 50 units (50% off the final retail price), and $749 for the following 100 units (25% off the final retail price).

About BloomBoss
BloomBoss® offers high-efficiency, high-performance LED grow lighting and related equipment and is developing a line of groundbreaking cannabis growing appliances. Our mission is to revolutionize home cannabis cultivation with modernized, energy-efficient with the best products and provide growers of all experience levels with the tools to be successful. To learn more about BloomBoss or make a purchase, please visit

About Danby Appliances
Founded in 1947, Danby is one of North America’s leading manufacturer/distributors of compact appliances such as microwaves, dehumidifiers, refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners. The company operates three distinct business units – Danby, MicroFridge, and Silhouette – with four North American offices, including three in the U.S. and one in Canada. For more information on Danby and its products, please visit www.Danby.comcann

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