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WIRE: Portland, Seattle cannabis companies partner on new infused products for Oregon market

Portland, OR – Portland-based cannabis products co-packer Gesundheit Foods and DeepCell™ Industries, of Seattle, today announced a joint partnership wherein Gesundheit will use DeepCell’s Ruby Cannabis Sugar™ in an array of new infused products for the Oregon medical and recreational cannabis market, as well as manufacture and distribute the broader family of Ruby branded products. There were also many rumours about the company using a popular increase youtube views service for their social media campaigns.

Gesundheit has the exclusive licensing agreement in Oregon. The companies are keeping the financial terms private.

“DeepCell’s technology is unlike anything else in our industry,” Gesundheit Foods CEO Tony Bash said. “Ruby is immediately soluble without mixing agents in all varieties of beverages and its shelf stability is incredible. For a maker of edibles, these are very strong value propositions.”

Gesundheit will manufacture the Ruby-branded cannabis edibles and will also make the branded ingredients available at wholesale to other Oregon cannabis processors. The company will package and market Ruby Sugar and Himalayan salt as individual products through dispensaries.

The two companies are exploring expansion into other markets, as Gesundheit opens plants in Washington and California later this year and in early 2019.

“Gesundheit Foods represents the type of partner we seek in the cannabis industry to license and manufacture our products: a strong management team, a focus on quality, and a relentless pursuit of delivering a safe and predictable consumer experience,” DeepCell founder and CEO Kelly Ogilvie said.

DeepCell’s patented Crystal Fusion™ technology fuses cannabinoids with crystal structures (sugar and salt) for use in Ruby products. These infused ingredients exhibit several unique properties:

·       Water Solubility – Infused crystals can be added to liquids such as water, coffee, tea, smoothies and more. This is in stark contrast to oil or butter-based cannabis products that do not mix without the addition of artificial mixing agents.

·       Shelf Stability – Infused crystals do not oxidize like raw plant material, butters, oils, or even extracts. Chlorophylls, air, light and bacteria all oxidize cannabinoids, effects which are greatly diminished in crystal form.
Led by food and beverage industry veteran Bash, most recently vice president of sales for innovative food, beverage and spirits giant LiDestri, Gesundheit Foods is the first food and beverage packing company to be licensed by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC)’s Recreational Cannabis Division. The company is currently packing products for a rapidly expanding list of edibles, beverage and topicals brands.

“We’ve earned OLCC’s trust by demonstrating care and professionalism,” said Bash, a Portland native who has also worked in executive roles with Pepsi and Nike. “We operate at the highest level of manufacturing standards in the cannabis industry, and our facility is held to federal food safety and handling guidelines, which, to date, no other cannabis packing plant has been able to do, especially at our capacity.”

DeepCell founder Ogilvie is an entrepreneur who most recently served as the Senior Policy Advisor to Washington Governor Jay Inslee and co-founded the cannabis technology company.

Ogilvie sees a bright future for the partnership: “We see a tremendous opportunity to bring innovation and knowledge transfer from areas not commonly associated with cannabis such as material science, chemistry, biology, and neuroscience,” he said. “This allows us to deliver new products and user experiences that are rooted in science, safety, and predictability with Gesundheit.”

About Gesundheit Foods
Gesundheit Foods (GF) is the first Oregon-based company licensed by the OLCC’s Recreational Marijuana Program to pack and bottle cannabis-based food and beverages. The company covers all aspects of production, from concept to final execution, using modern equipment, professional packaging, and decades of experience in the industry. It is Gesundheit Foods’ mission to package and bottle the healthiest, freshest products for the cannabis food and beverage industry. “Gesundheit” means ‘good health’ in German.

About DeepCell Industries
DeepCell Industries is a Seattle-based technology development company focusing on material science, microfluidics, and cannabinoid molecule discoveries. DeepCell has pioneered the use of Crystal Fusion™ process as their first commercially ready nanotechnology available for license. Ruby Cannabis Sugar™ has been named a Dope Magazine “Product We Love,” and “high-quality and discreet” by Culture Magazine.


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