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Product Review: Ceram-X concentrate and wax pen from O2vape

By Sue Vorenberg
Cannabis Daily Record

If you’ve ever complained that your wax dabber chamber is too small or hard to clean, you’re going to love the new Ceram-X concentrate and wax pen from O2vape.

This pen’s chamber is so big it looks like you could shove about two grams of dab in there and still have a bit of room left over. And for $79.95, it’s priced comparatively with most standard pens that have less oomph than the Ceram-X.

The device, which is a bit fatter than other dabbers but still feels great in your hand, also tosses out the wire coil atomizers and instead uses a ceramic chamber that’s much easier to clean. It has a 900 mah battery that can keep you dabbing for 60 to 90 minutes, and heats the chamber to 392 to 428 degrees.

I like ceramic chambers better than coils in general. The wax tastes better and doesn’t burn as much. They’re also easier to heat and remove old wax from, because it has no coils to stick to, and easy to clean out with some rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip.

The Ceram-X turns on and off with five rapid button clicks. Once on, and the chamber is filled, you just hold the button down and draw.

It also has a little four-light LED power indicator, which shows how much power is left when you smoke. And when it blinks 10 times, the voltage has dropped to the point where you need to charge it again.

The only modern technological trend the device goes against is that its components are screw-on, rather than magnetic. It’s a minor thing, but after getting used to magnetic components (which snap together and stay put easily), I have to keep reminding myself to not accidentally rip the top off of the Ceram-X rather than unscrewing it. But as I said, it’s not a huge deal compared with the overall package.

In general I’d say this is a nice hearty dabber at a great price. And if you’re looking for a big chamber, this is absolutely the gadget for you.



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