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Product Review: SilverStick one hitter

By Sue Vorenberg
Cannabis Daily Record

Generally when I’m on the go with cannabis, I forgo the one-hitters and niche pipes and go straight for my vape pen.

But after spending some time with the SilverStick, an elegant new set of one-hitter pipes, I may change my mind about that.

Traveling with flower can be a messy. The smell is often a dead giveaway, not to mention trying to grind it and pack bowls on the go. And storing a used pipe in your pocket can get ash everywhere.

But these little gadgets are different. They’re sleek, easy to use, easy to conceal and seem designed to contain that mess.

I received both a SilverStick slim, which retails for $25, and a large SilverStick, lighter and container included in the $89 leather dugout package.

The slim is thinner and more compact, and smokers can get 2-3 draws per bowl out of it. It’s designed to fit in most standard 4″ dugouts. The large SilverStick is good for 4-6 draws per bowl and is designed for the custom leather dugout and other large dugouts provided by the company.

One thing that differentiates these things from other one hitters and pipes is that they use a cotton filter, much like a cigarette. The filter removes tar and other particles that you don’t want in your lungs, but lets the THC and other goodies though.

Each SilverStick comes with about 15 filters, with replacement packs of 100 filters available for 7.50. Each filter can last for up to about four small bowls, so if you’re a heavy smoker, you’ll probably want to order a replacement pack along with your gadget.

The SilverStick unscrews easily for filter replacement and cleaning. It also comes with a plastic cap that you can use to keep your herbs contained in the bowl when you’re traveling.

Personally I liked the larger SilverStick and the dugout package better than the slim one. You can take more hits off it, which I like because I’m more of a heavy smoker. The high quality leather case is beautiful, the Clipper metal lighter is adjustable, durable and sleek and well, the little plastic container to hold your weed is pretty average – but it fits perfectly into the case and can keep that skunky stink of your herb contained within.

The SilverStick is also really easy to clean. You just pop it in some rubbing alcohol and wipe it down with a cotton swab.

One bit of warning, especially for the slim version: Don’t draw too hard. If you pull to strongly when the bowl is close to empty, the flame (and sometimes an ember from the bowl) can light the filter on fire and burn it. That happened to me once when I first tested the slim version. I pull a bit harder on the large version and I haven’t had the same issue.

Overall though, these things are fantastic little on-the-go pipes – and the price is a good value. If you’re looking for an elegant piece you can take discreetly on the road, I’d definitely recommend checking out the SilverStick.

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