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WIRE: Israeli company uses terpenes to enhance treatment for pain, PTSD, other disorders

Tel Aviv — Bazelet, an Israeli medical cannabis company currently serving 10,000 registered patients, has developed proprietary technology based on isolating and utilizing specific terpenes that offers new solutions to treating numerous illnesses and ailments. These include chronic pain, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson and Alzheimer diseases, epilepsy and autism.

Specific attention is directed to products designed to fit the needs of geriatric population on the one hand, and pediatric population on the other.   As the burgeoning medical cannabis market rapidly expands Bazelet is ready to share its patented technology and its proprietary terpene blends with companies around the world involved in treating the growing numbers of patients who will continue to look toward cannabis for treatment solutions.

Medical cannabis is expected to reach a market value of USD 56 billion by 2025, according to Grand View Research.  Bazelet, the leading medical cannabis production and R&D company in Israel is expected to dominate the field in this world’s center for cannabis science and terpene technology.

Each cannabis plant contains hundreds of chemicals that work together in what is known as the “entourage effect” a term coined by famed Israeli scientist Rafael Mechoulam. Terpenes are the compounds in cannabis that are generally cited in giving the plants its fragrance.  Researchers have proven that terpenes can enhance or alter the medicinal properties of cannabis.

Bazelet’s breakthrough technology allows it to improve the therapeutic quality of cannabis by adding a small amount of selected and indication-specific terpene blends.  “I am proud of our diverse, innovative and fruitful R&D team. Our new terpene-enriched products are tailored to the specific needs of the various groups of patients for improved therapeutic effects,” said Prof. Aharon (Ari) Eyal, CSO at Bazelet.

Bazelet is currently conducting clinical trials on its unique terpene technology in Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Center in Jerusalem for pain relief, with Prof. Elyad Davidson, and PTSD, with Prof. Omer Bonne, and in Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel, with Dr. Dror Kraus, where trials are focusing on epilepsy.

Prof Davidson, a medical cannabis pioneer, who heads Hadassah’s Pain relief unit and is the president of the Israeli Pain Association says, “There is no doubt that cannabis has a Natural pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties and is a likely solution in reducing opioid consumption, a major concern in the United States.”

Operating for the past five years, its highly experienced team of scientists, doctors, pharmacists, naturopaths, and herbal treatment experts have gained Bazelet critical first-hand knowledge in treating various medical conditions.

Bazelet’ s new manufacturing site, the largest in Israel, has the production capacity sufficient to serve the medical needs of 100,000 patients.  Its drying capacity can treat 300-400 tons of cannabis per year, extraction capacity is 60 tons per year.  Its new facility is fully GMP compliant.

Meir Ariel, CEO of Bazelet commented: “On completion of the new plant, Bazelet reaches new peaks of capacity and quality and becomes a key player in the medical cannabis world. We are using the best technology, science, experience, innovation, and care to provide our patients with the best solutions to their needs. We look forward to exporting our excellent products to the rapidly opening new markets.”

In addition, Bazelet has in-house knowledge in IP generation and IP strategy and management, and is employing one of the best US patent firms, aiming at an aggressive generation of its IP portfolio. Bazelet has filed so far 14 provisional patent applications, 7 of them are in the PCT stage. Those include the  first patent application for the terpene technology (out of three). The International Search Report (ISR) for this PCT promisingly found all its claims possessed Utility, Novelty, and an Inventive Step.

As Israel will soon allow the export of medical cannabis Bazelet invites companies to learn about its terpene technology and enter partnerships is to provide the highest quality medical cannabis globally to patients and communities.  To learn more about Bazelet go to

About Bazelet

Bazelet Pharma builds on the experience and production knowledge, frequent feedback from thousands of clients and dedicated science, which are combined in order to lead the cannabis industry in product quality, precision, cost reduction and serving the needs of special populations, such as epileptic children and patients in nursing homes or geriatric hospitals.

Bazelet Nehushtan has constructed a unique and modern GMP plant and a logistic center according to the needs of patients and farms, using the company’s ever-growing experience. The recently approved new Israeli regulation adds more demands on the one hand, and will drastically increase the number of patients on the other. Bazelet Nehushtan’s next GMP plant is designed to address these needs and opportunities.

Bazelet KnowHow is tasked with implementing Bazelet Nehushtan and Bazelet Pharma’s know-how in other countries where medical cannabis was approved or will soon be approved.

Bazelet Technologies is the group’s technology incubator, where new products and new technologies are developed. This, so far self-funded R&D effort, has led to the filing of 10 patent application in the last year alone. Some of our recent results are exciting and highly promising.

Whether you are an investor, grower, physician, or pharmacist, Bazelet offers a wide range of collaboration opportunities.

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