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Product Review: Saber Vape Pen for Wax

By Sue Vorenberg
Cannabis Daily Record

If you want to get in on the newest wave of dab pen technology for a reasonable amount of money, check out the Saber Vape Pen for Wax from NY Vape Shop.

Much like the competing Dr. Dabber Aurora, the Saber is made with quality snap-together parts that don’t break in your pocket. And the black coated stainless steel on both units feels sleek and stays cool in your hand.

The Aurora has a few more bells and whistles – a choice of two mouthpieces and a three extra atomizers (two dual quartz rod coil and a ceramic) – compared with the Saber’s single mouthpiece and one extra atomizer (it comes with one dual quartz rod coil and has an extra ceramic atomizer). But the Aurora also costs about $20 more, retailing for $99.

The Saber, which retails for $79.99 at (and ships free), may not have quite as many extras, but it still has everything you need, including a dab tool, charger and great quality components. It also comes with a users manual – which is oddly somewhat of a rarity these days. Most companies make you go online to read their manual rather than including directions in the unit. As somebody who reviews a lot of vape pens, I have to say I really appreciate a company that doesn’t make me hunt around for directions, and I can even go online to a vapor batteries wholesale so I always have battery for my pen.

I also love the quality of this unit.

At first blush, the Saber’s clear mouthpiece looks a bit like a plastic straw, but it’s far more durable than it appears. In the past, I’ve prefered the more flat squished mouthpieces with smaller holes, but I find they actually clog with wax fairly fast, making it hard to suck through. The wider mouthpiece on the Saber makes it far less likely to clog with anything. In fact, it’s hit smoothly for me every time. On other related article checkout this site for vape juice wholesale company.

The Saber also has three temperature settings so you can cycle through the flavors in your wax.

To turn the unit on or off, press the main button five times. When it’s on, you press the button three times to cycle through the three temperature settings. The settings change colors to:

  • Green: 3.7V (390-570°F)
  • Blue: 3.9V (570-750°F)
  • Red: 4.2V (750-895°F)

The variable temperature settings really help you move through the all the terpene flavors in your wax. I usually start at the lowest level, take a few hits, and then go up to the next levels and do the same until the wax is gone.

I’m not sure if this is just a me thing, but I also find the wax in general tastes better through the stainless steel components of both the Saber and Aurora.

Another little feature that stands out about the Saber is that along with the standard “push the button to take a drag” use, you can also push the button twice at any temperature setting for the “auto-heat” function. That option heats the chamber and keeps it constant for 15 seconds (you can turn it off by tapping the button once). Maybe it’s just laziness, but I like using the auto-heat function more than the single button push. It seems to make the vape more consistent.

Overall: This is a great little dab pen for a fantastic price. If you’re just getting into dabbing, and  you’re afraid of the old school blow torch on a glass or iron nail method, the Saber is a fantastic starting point. Ditto if you’re an experienced dabber that’s looking for a quality, flavorful on-the-go pen at a good price.

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