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Product Review: Dr. Dabber Holiday Bundle

By Sue Vorenberg
Cannabis Daily Record

Admittedly we’re coming up on Christmas rather quickly, but if you’re still looking for that perfect last minute gift for your stoner friend – Dr. Dabber has some fantastic options.

For this review, I was sent the Dabber Holiday Bundle 2, which includes a truly beautiful glass dab rig, a Dr. Dabber Aurora for dabbing on the go, a large mat for playing with dabs without messing up your kitchen table, a carry case, a container of snap-alcohol cleaners, and a Budder Cutter, which is Dr. Dabbers’ tool for working with hard-to-manipulate wax.

That entire package is $250, which is less than some commercial vapes and dabbers cost alone.

They also have a $400 bundle with even more goodies, including a Dr. Dabber Boost Black, which is my favorite electronic dab gadget, ever, but since I already had one, I went with bundle number two.

And I have to say I’m impressed with the $250 package.

The Aurora (which early on was called the Aura) is a magnetic snap-together dabber that comes with three atomizers. It has three variable temperature settings, and the dense material that it’s made from feels both cool and solid in your hand, and seems to take some of the hot sting off when you inhale your dab. It generally sells for $99.95.

The bundle piece that I love the most, though, is the Diamond Series Mini Glass Rig. Sold separately for 139.95, it’s absolutely elegant, streamlined and produces fantastic tasting dabs. Made of high-quality borosilicate with a quartz domeless nail, it’s actually sturdy – even if it looks more like a fancy vase than a dab rig.

That quality glass rig was a fantastic surprise. I’ve long loved Dr. Dabber for its well made electronic gadgets, but I didn’t have similar expectations for the company’s glass. I was more than pleasantly surprised to find Dr. Dabber’s glass products are just as high quality as the electronic ones.

Along with those biggies, you also get a Dr. Dabber Honeymat, which retails for $19.95, and a Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter, which retails for $49.95.

The Honeymat works great on my table. The Budder Cutter is more moderately useful. It includes a base battery unit that you can use as a vape pen (with the proper threading for vapes sold in most legal cannabis markets), or as the power device that warms a variety of metal tips used to break up dabs without affecting their potency. It’s handy if you get a really hard to work with dab, but I find I rarely use mine.

The carry cases and cleaners included also sell separately for about $60.

So overall the bundle I got contains about $370 worth of products for $250. And it really does have everything you need for home and on-the-go dabs – and if you use the Budder Cutter base unit as a vape battery, the pack also covers your vaping needs.

Final thoughts: Personally I’d love to find a goodie bag like this under my tree. And for $250, there’s quite a lot of value packed in. If you’re looking for a last minute gift for the dab enthusiast in your life – I’d highly recommend it.

One final note: Dr. Dabber also has fantastic customer service. When I had a problem with my Boost Black, and I didn’t have my warranty handy, they worked with me to fix it for free, and they did it quickly. Just another reason why I love the company.

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