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Product Review: Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit

By Sue Vorenberg
Cannabis Daily Record

I have to admit when I first saw the Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit arrive in the mail, I thought it was a bit of a rip-off.

The kit provides 99 percent isopropyl alcohol, which I can buy at the store for about $1, and a big jar of salt (with much bigger granules than the cheap table salt I use when I don’t have a fancy cleaning kit). And compared to the $30 pricetag for this cleaning kit, my personal version – salt and rubbing alcohol – costs me about $3 at the store.

(As an aside for new folks – a quick explanation of this time tested stoner cleaning method – dump some salt in your bong, pour rubbing alcohol over it, cover the openings and shake, shake, shake. Then rinse it out and boom. Done.) 

All that said though, the kit does have a few nice surprises.

It comes with a couple small bags of pipe cleaners and Q-tips, a couple wet wipes, a cloth, a funnel for the salt and some stoppers to plug up various items being cleaned. Of all that, I found the stoppers to be the most useful. Beats getting bong gunk all over your hands!

It was the special large grained salt, though, that actually ended up impressing me.The grains are like little turbo engine scrubbers. They clean out gunk far faster than my normal table salt.But while the instructions tell you to fill your device with the salt and then pour the alcohol over it, you really don’t need to use that much salt. A few grains go a long way. Go and take a look at this post, it explains how to clean a wide variety of pen types far better than I can. (It also links to a couple sites that may have discounts on the kit).

I used a small layer of the salt on the bottom of my bong and covered it with some of the alcohol, then shook. Worked like a charm, and I still have almost a full jar of the salt.

Another advantage to this kit is that it has instructions for cleaning vape pens, which is handy, especially since the little devils are so hard to clean without breaking. Basically, be gentle, and if you want detailed advice on how to clean vape pens with the kit.

So is this thing worth $30? I think if I was a new cannabis user, just getting set up with a bong and maybe a dab pen, I’d find it to be a pretty good deal. It gives you everything you need to get started cleaning your gear in one place.

But if you’re an experienced user with a few bongs and more than one dab pen, you may find that the goodies in the kit run out fairly fast. Two alcohol wipes, 12 Q-tips and 12 pipe cleaners really won’t last long in my house. The salt, though, is fantastic. And you can buy it separately for $10 on the website, along with other items like more Q-tips and pipe cleaners.

If you’re looking for a nice Christmas gift for the stoner on your list, I think this would be a fun choice. It’s relatively inexpensive (although you can save money making your own home version of it),  and with a promo discount code you can get special coupons to buy  amazing products in an easy way, we also recommend you the cbd oil coupons one of the most popular right now. So get a package of the cleaner kit with the cbd oil as a gift and trust me it will be worth it- bong cleaning is not something most stoners get excited about around Christmas – so it will also be useful, and possibly novel.

Final thoughts: Buy it as a gift for your newbie stoner friends – or buy it for yourself if spending $30 on a cleaning kit doesn’t make you cringe. The rest of us cheapskates can continue to go to the store for table salt and rubbing alcohol to clean gear the old fashioned way.

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