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Product Review: Firefly 2

By Sue Vorenberg
Cannabis Daily Record

There’s something very cool about high tech vaping gadgets that talk to your cell phone, and the Firefly 2 is no exception.

As a dry herb and wax vape, the Firefly 2 is sleek, magnetically sealed and comfortably feels like an odd combination of a TV remote and a long, flat pipe in your hand.

But it’s the variable temperature settings, controlled by your cell phone, that will thrill terpene nerds. (And if you don’t know what terpenes are, read the link – they’re amazing, but also know that this gadget is probably too expensive for somebody who’s not a connoisseur or who doesn’t know about terpenes.)

Right now, the Firefly 2 is on sale for Christmas for $249.95 from the Firefly website, a significant savings on the regular $329.95 price tag.

The device lets you vape through a bowl slowly, moving up in temperature with each draw to get a hit of the various terpenes. has a fantastic chart of the temperatures for several terpenes here:

(Shiny metal interior vape pathway)

The design is also really beautiful. There are no small holes or thin pipes to clean through. The flower sits on top of a small covered heating element, and the vape moves through a wide flat pathway of shiny metal to get to the mouthpiece.

You can clean the whole thing with one quick swipe of an alcohol wipe in about 10 seconds, which is another really lovely selling point.

As for getting the vape to move through it – that bit’s a little more challenging. I found the YouTube video from the company founder to be pretty helpful. It’s below:

Basically you really have to suck on this thing, and suck on it for a long time, before you see any real vape. To see any actual vape come out of my draws, I had to turn the flower setting to about 430 degrees and suck deep for 10 full seconds.

But that said, going through the lower settings with no visible vapor, I was still able to taste various terpenes and flavors that just aren’t perceptible with a bong or other device. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy high quality weed inch by inch until you vape into the 428 degree THC sweet spot.

My experience with wax was similar. Variable terpene flavors came out as I moved up through temperatures, with more vape appearing once the temperature got over about 430 degrees.

(Power adapter)

Charging is also pretty simple – there’s a charging dock that links through a USB cable. You just plop the Firefly 2 down on it and it charges up (they say in 40 minutes, but mine took a few hours).

The device also comes with a backup battery, but you have to have the backup battery inside the device to charge it – which makes that addition far less useful.

Out there in Webland, I’ve seen a few customers complain about problems charging the device – or it simply not charging after a few weeks. No problems here so far, but it’s something to keep an eye out for.

So, is this thing work the price tag? If you’re on the gourmet sside of things and have $250 in your pocket right now, then yeah, I’d give it a shot. Especially if you’re a fan of terpenes.

If you’re just looking to get baked, though, or if you’re a newer user, there are tons of less expensive devices on the market that will serve you better.

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