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WIRE: Verra Wellness launches cannabis nasal spray, other products in Colorado

DENVER, Colorado – Next Frontier Biosciences announced today the launch of its Verra Wellness line of purified cannabinoid products into the medical and adult-use marijuana markets in Colorado. The Verra Wellness products are scientifically formulated for improved delivery via nasal, sublingual and topical administration and provide patients and consumers with safe, effective and discreet alternatives to smoking, vaporizing or eating cannabis-infused products. The Verra Wellness offering includes the world’s first cannabis nasal mist. The line also consists of a sublingual spray and a topical salve.

Co-founded by seasoned biotech executives Marc Graboyes and Dr. Paul Johnson, Ph.D. — one of the leading experts in the field of intranasal drug development and delivery systems — Next Frontier Biosciences is pioneering the development of purified cannabinoid products that provide novel administration methods and microdosing options. The Verra Wellness products are scientifically formulated for accurate and consistent delivery of purified tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) in three different ratios via nasal mists and sublingual sprays. In addition, Verra Wellness offers small batch topical salves designed to permeate skin and muscle tissue deeply without penetrating the blood stream or causing psychoactive effects.

Dr. Dot Colagiovanni, Ph.D., is another integral part of the Verra Wellness story. Dr. Colagiovanni joined close friends and colleagues Mr. Graboyes and Dr. Johnson as Vice President of Product Development at Next Frontier Biosciences to help bring advanced formulation sciences to the nascent cannabis industry.

“Our Verra Wellness line of purified cannabinoid products aim to improve people’s lives through healthier cannabis offerings,” Mr. Graboyes said. “With a variety of delivery methods to choose from—including the first cannabis nasal mist to hit the market—Verra Wellness products provide discreet and effective alternatives to smoking, vaporizing or eating poorly characterized cannabis products. Following our launch in Colorado, we will continue expanding into new markets and developing additional product offerings that center on enhanced bioavailability to enrich the lives of our consumers and help patients feel their best.”

Next Frontier Biosciences differentiates itself in the cannabis space with a diverse leadership team that brings a unique combination of senior executive and drug development experience in the biotech industry. Backed by a strong lineup of highly accomplished biotech executives and research scientists, Next Frontier Biosciences is committed to developing the highest quality cannabis products on the market.

“We believe that leveraging science and research is the key to optimizing product development. Cannabinoids have demonstrated a wide range of therapeutic benefits for the treatment of chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, and post-traumatic stress disorder, along with a number of other conditions.” If you are suffering from back pain, take care of it right away, not just with medication, contact this spine surgeon for more info.

The Verra Wellness product launch comes at a time of growing consumer demand for products that are geared toward a natural and holistic approach to wellness and self-care. Verra aims to offer a clean, healthy alternative that can accompany the user on a hiking trip or on the yoga mat. Dr. Johnson remarked. “With the introduction of our teen substance abuse treatment north salt lake ut, we are reshaping the cannabis industry by offering trusted products that provide uniform composition, formulation and dosing in highly consistent modes of administration. Cannabinoid purification and scientific formulation are behind everything we do, and Verra Wellness represents the culmination of years’ worth of dedication to upholding the highest standards in these areas.”

Next Frontier Biosciences’ Verra products can be found at Colorado dispensaries including The Health Center, Herbal Wellness, Complete Relief, Trill and Doc’s Apothecary.

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About Next Frontier Biosciences: At Next Frontier Biosciences, we believe that cannabinoid purification and scientific formulation are the keys to unlocking the power of the plant and developing safer and more effective cannabinoid-based products. Scientifically formulated to provide accurate dosing, improved bioavailability and optimized cannabinoid profiles, our Verra Wellness line of products, including nasal mists, sublingual sprays and topical salves, offer fast acting and consistent results. Additionally, their unique modes of administration are discreet and effective, providing both medical and adult-use cannabis users with desirable alternatives to smoking, vaporizing or eating cannabis-infused products. At Next Frontier Biosciences, we maintain an unyielding commitment to scientific excellence and integrity, so our products aren’t just created from cannabis—they’re derived from truth.

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