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Strain Sheet: Lemon Larry from Heavenly Buds (Washington)

Lemon Larry from Heavenly Buds (Washington)

Reviewer: Megan
Strain: Lemon Larry (indica hybrid cross of OG Kush and SFV OG)
Grower: Heavenly Buds (Washington)(Purchased at Sticky’s; also available at High 5 Cannabis)
First Impression: I was “wow’ed” when I poured the nugs into my hand! Each bud is perfectly trimmed and tight. The nugs are dense and dried just right so that they smoke smoothly. And that they do!
Onset: About 5 mins
Fade: Hard to tell, I fell asleep!
Taste: Very clean, earthy
Smell: Sweet and citrus
First Noticed Effect: Tightness in my forehead for about 30 seconds, then that sensation faded quickly.
Strength: Medium-Just right! Great full body high.
Emotions: Easily amused, content, relaxed
Relieves: Tension in my upper spine, neck, and shoulders. Headache gone.
Control: Able to crochet without having to redo stitches
Paranoia: None, very peaceful, content and calm, great for yoga and meditating!
Energy Level: Mellow, laid back but enough energy to do things if I have to
Positive: Smokes very smoothly out of pipe, not harsh at all, did not cough once.

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