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WIRE: Stoner Magazine to relaunch in all-digital format

SALEM, Oregon – For more than two years, Stoner Magazine ( has been one of the premium consumer publications for the legal adult-use (also known as recreational) marijuana market.

Now under new ownership, today Stoner Magazine’s publisher, Herbal Publishing, LLC (, announced the magazine is transitioning to a digital publishing platform, which will provide readers with topical and compelling content on its revamped magazine website, mobile app and streaming content. With a renewed commitment to providing the best quality articles, news reporting, reviews and imagery, Herbal Publishing intends to debut its new platform by 1Q 2018.

“The cannabis market is filled with top-quality content, but the landscape is so fragmented that the average reader will never see most of it,” said Jerry DeFoe, the new CEO of Herbal Publishing. “Rather than concentrating our content exclusively onto pages of our website – the traditional publishing model –  the new strategy for Stoner Magazine is not only to feature high-quality content on our website, but also through a network of other relevant websites, digital signage, apps and other digital media.”

The new framework solves key challenges in addressing the needs of both readers and advertisers. Readers will no longer have to thumb through pages and pages of ads, many of which are irrelevant to them, to find articles of interest. Instead, a greater number of articles and content choices that matter most to readers will become easily discoverable. For cannabis market advertisers, the hit-or-miss game of print advertising will be replaced with highly targeted ads and the ability for programmatic retargeting, which not only improves conversion rates but also makes ads more compelling to the people who see them.

The new digital publishing platform is allowing Stoner Magazine to engage readers in a wider variety of means. Instead of hoping new readers will find issues on newsstands, Herbal Publishing is putting together partnerships that will stream magazine content to viewers in relevant locations, such as while visiting a dispensary. This new digital platform is only one of the big changes coming from Herbal Publishing, and the company intends to announce these partnerships and additional changes in the coming weeks.

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Founded in 2015, Herbal Publishing provides people with relevant, high-quality content about the legal marijuana market. Its premier title, Stoner Magazine, offers cannabis connoisseurs news and information about the latest products, trends and cannabis lifestyle. Other titles will feature business-to-business and cultivation content. For more information visit

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