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Strain Sheet: Orange Kush wax from Landrace Labs (Washington)

Orange Kush wax from Landrace Labs (Washington)

Reviewer: SueVo
Strain: Orange Kush wax (Indica cross of  Orange Bud and OG Kush)(Sold at The Herbery and  High-5 Cannabis)
Grower: Landrace Labs (Rochester, Washington)
Onset time: About six minutes
Fade: About an hour and 45 minutes
Strength: Medium
Tingling (where did you feel it): Temples, ears, lips, upper back, feet, cheeks.
Control (can you maintain focus, etc): Euphoric but pretty clear headed overall. Control is good.
Emotions: Calm, relaxed, peaceful, curious.
Paranoia: No
Energy level: Medium. Could go either way.
Taste: Slight citrus and skunk. Not very strong, terp-wise. Smoke had some decent orange flavor.
Relieves: Upper back and shoulder pain, stress, fatigue, anxiety.
Positives: As advertised, a light relaxing dab. Good strength for new dabbers to get a sense of it without being overwhelmed. Nice upper body relaxation and stress relief. Hardcore dabbers will find this too weak though, most likely.
Negatives: None.
Other notes: Nice solid glass jar. The wax is very goopy and sticks to almost everything.

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