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WIRE: Study looks at stoners’ favorite fast food joints

New York — In a new study conducted by Green Market Report & Consumer Research Around Cannabis, it was discovered that 43% of people who bought legal marijuana chose McDonald’s as their go-to place to eat.

The study was conducted over several marketplaces with a base population of 55 million.

The study then dove deep into people who purchased cannabis from a legally authorized dispensary, which was 4.7 million or 8.5% of the population.

In the past four weeks, 43% of those marijuana customers said they ate at McDonald’s. The second most popular place to eat was Taco Bell, accounting for only 18% of the cannabis consumers.

Wendy’s came in third place with 17.8%, just barely beating Burger King at 17.6%. Subway ranked in fifth at a tiny 8.7% compared to the previous four spots. Kentucky Fried Chicken hit the list at number six with only 5.5% going to eat there over the past four weeks.

The additional fast food names in the top ten were Arby’s, Chick-Fil-A, Jack-In-The-Box and Carl’s Jr. (in that order).

“McDonald’s wins by virtue of the sheer number of locations – by default really,” said Jeff Stein, Vice President of Consumer Research Around Cannabis. “Those competitors which better understanding cannabis users and their consumer habits can certainly close the gap by integrating what they learn through their marketing efforts.”

As cannabis is known for its appetite inducing side effect, which is one of its most beneficial qualities for those suffering from diseases that hinder appetite or take medication that make it difficult to eat, understanding the spending habits of consumers is critical. This is where a good customer service strategy comes into play.

The study is part of a series of research market snapshots called “Cannabis Freakonomics” that covers data collected by Consumer Research Around Cannabis.

The press release on the series follows:

Green​ ​Market​ ​Report​ ​Partners​ ​with​ ​Consumer​ ​Research​ ​Around​ ​Cannabis​ ​to​ ​Release ‘Cannabis​ ​Freakonomics’​ ​Series

New York City —  The Green Market Report (GMR) has partnered with
Consumer Research Around Cannabis to release a series of research market snapshots called
‘Cannabis Freakonomics’ highlighting interesting findings on the spending habits and profiles of cannabis consumers.

The series will be written by financial journalists from the Green Market Report, the first site focused solely on cannabis financial, business and economic news. ‘Cannabis Freakonomics’ will cover national survey data collected by Consumer Research Around Cannabis to reveal often unexpected and stereotype-breaking data about the cannabis industry and its consumers.

“The data that we have collected has unveiled a ton of interesting findings that we would like to share with the industry,” said Jeffrey Stein Vice President of Consumer Research Around Cannabis. “some of the information gathered can be truly useful to larger corporations making business decisions in cannabis retail markets. We believe Green Market Report is the perfect platform to share these results.”

“As the industry continues to evolve in every way, revealing the data of how it impacts the economy on every level is something that Green Market Report was created to do,” explained Green Market Report CEO Debra Borchardt. “We are excited to have partnered with the team at Consumer Research Around Cannabis on this project and look forward to analyzing and sharing the industry’s most interesting economic behavior data.”

The team’s first collaboration was released recently and revealed that 47.2% of cannabis users in the Denver Greater Metropolitan Area, which includes portions of CO, WY, and NE use cannabis to sleep, and 47.2% also said they use it for chronic pain relief, busting old myths that cannabis is used as a “party drug” for “slackers”. In fact, the data went on to show that more than half of cannabis consumers earn making $50,000 or more, over 42% have an IRA or 401k.

The second collaboration was released today and pinpoints the top fast food restaurants preferred by cannabis users from around the country. Reports of this type, as well as a myth-busting nature, will be the centerpiece of the partnership between GMR and Consumer Research Around Cannabis.

For more interesting economic behavioral data, please visit or for
exclusive insight to serve your business decisions, you can subscribe to Consumer Research
Around Cannabis for analysis that cannot be found anywhere else in the industry.

About​ ​Green​ ​Market​ ​Report:

The Green Market Report (GMR) is headquartered in the Financial District of New York City
with an office in Los Angeles and a satellite office in Denver. GMR is poised to be the center for trustworthy business, financial and economic news and intelligence. The site offers coverage on financial matters including news briefs on business, cultivation, and extraction, cannabis company stock prices, and wholesale cannabis pricing. For more information, please visit or email Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @GreenMarketRpt.

About​ ​Consumer​ ​Research​ ​Around​ ​Cannabis:
Consumer Research Around Cannabis is a Houston-based market research company that
provides client-focused research, designed to help businesses understand the emerging marijuana market. The company is committed to improving and innovating marketing products and services in response to a society that is constantly changing. Consumer Research Around Cannabis delivers syndicated market research that measures cannabis usage data, perceptions, and attitudes regarding marijuana against hundreds of local consumer-level targets, including:

demographics, lifestyles, behaviors, shopping trends, media habits, and plan-to-purchase
categories. By surveying diverse cannabis consumers throughout theUS and Canada, their goal is to help marketers connect the dots between cannabis customers and the broader, North American consumer economy. For more information visit:, or call 281-845-6000.

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