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WIRE: Cannabis consumers say no to stoned driving

Boulder, Colorado — Recent studies offer varied assessments about the effect of cannabis legalization on road safety.

But when it comes to attitudes about driving and pot, at least one thing is clear. According to landmark research reports from BDS Analytics, a majority of marijuana consumers believe that driving and cannabis should not be combined.

This first-of-its-kind set of findings, drawn from BDS’s just-released study Public Attitudes and Actions Towards Legal Cannabis, offers important insights for lawmakers, regulators and industries such as motor clubs, auto insurers, automobile manufacturers, sobriety- and performance-testing industries, and others that rely upon sturdy and reliable data to inform decision-making. One of the most useful components of the BDS research is its direct connection to real cannabis Consumers — people who consume cannabis and best understand its effects. The reports bring to life a wide variety of aspects of cannabis Consumers (as well as Acceptors and Rejecters who don’t currently consume marijuana).

Consumers are identified as adults ages 21 or older who have consumed marijuana in the past six months. Among other things, the study reveals that:

  • Most cannabis Consumers support the development of technologies that accurately test for driving impairment
  • Most cannabis Consumers believe impairment is more severe with alcohol than with cannabis
  • About 25 percent of cannabis Consumers report ever becoming too dysfunctional from cannabis

“Many cannabis Consumers are concerned about stoned driving, and support measures that test for cannabis intoxication among drivers,” said Linda Gilbert, Managing Director of the Consumer Research Division for BDS Analytics. “While the effects of cannabis legalization on road safety remain inconclusive, we now understand that most cannabis Consumers do not take the risks lightly. In fact, most feel cannabis and driving is a combination to be avoided.”

Linda is available for interviews to discuss in greater detail the broad study, including the data tied to attitudes and actions toward driving among cannabis Consumers, Acceptors, and Rejecters.

Cannabis Consumers Say Pot and Driving Don’t Mix” is the second installment of BDS Analytics’ Cannabis Wellness Trends, a monthly detailed look at different aspects of public attitudes and actions toward legal cannabis and the market for legal cannabis.

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