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Strain Sheet: Pineapple from Ladera Farms (Washington)

Pineapple from Ladera Farms (Washington)

Reviewer: SueVo
Strain: Pineapple (Hybrid phenotype of Ed Rosenthal’s Super Bud (ERSB))(sold at High 5 Cannabis)
Grower: Ladera Farms (Washington)
Onset time: About five minutes
Fade: About an hour and 35 minutes.
Strength: Strong
Tingling (where did you feel it): Lips, cheeks, ears, shoulders, upper back, crotch, thighs, forehead.
Control (can you maintain focus, etc): A bit spacey. Focus is scattered. Control is poor to moderate.
Emotions: Happy, silly, social, relaxed, calm.
Paranoia: Nope.
Energy level: Medium.
Smell: Wonderful pineapple citrus goodness…
Relieves: Shoulder pain, back pain, mid-back pain, muscle tension, mood adjuster, stress, anxiety.
Positives: Happy, upbeat social buzz. I love Pineapple. It’s one of my favorite hybrids.
Negatives: None.
Other notes: Smallish buds that are will trimmed. Ladera at High 5 is one of my favorites for low cost/good quality cannabis (as is Golden Leaf at The Herbery).

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