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LIVING: A beginners guide to vaping marijuana

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A Beginner’s Guide to Vaping Marijuana

Smoking cannabis has been around for centuries due to its health benefits, stress reduction, and appetite stimulation. Chances are, you have been told multiple times about the damaging toxins that are released when smoking, which causes cancer. Fear not, vaporizing cannabis releases a potent vapor with the same exact benefits as smoking marijuana, but without the harsh toxins that come from smoking it. You’re in luck; you have stumbled across the perfect beginner’s guide to vaping marijuana! Here you will learn the basics of vaping marijuana and have your many questions answered. Continue reading for an awesome marijuana epiphany:

What Is Vaporizing Exactly?

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You may or may not be familiar with vaping, but it’s important and helpful to know exactly what it is before you experiment. Vaporizers use a specific element or ingredients to vaporize for the act of inhalation. In simple terms, it is maintaining a temperature that keeps the element from getting too hot so it never combusts. The vapor entirely consists of no smoke, but all vapor, therefore, the health benefits of vaporizing instead of smoking are very relevant. Vaporizing if generally a “cleaner” and less intense high, and offers a similar experience as smoking the marijuana.

For those who are new to vaporizing marijuana, it’s important to understand that it is a complete overall better option than smoking in most traditional forms such as, blunts, joints, or bowls. Most people compare it to being a more “medical” experience due to its elimination factors. Vaping marijuana is also considered more “classy”, especially for more mature aged people who don’t find passing a blunt around a circle cool anymore. Keep in mind, vaping is strictly vapor, not smoke! So, with vaporizing marijuana, you’re getting more flavor, less stench, along with a cleaner and healthier experience.

Is Vaping Safe?

This question is surprisingly a common question, even though vaping experts know the answer to this one. As you previously read, vaping is completely safe, and safer than traditionally smoking marijuana. No matter what marijuana activists say, it is relevant that smoking weed is harmful to your lungs. With that being said, by vaporizing cannabis rather than smoking it, you are eliminating 95% of smoke! You are pulling less carcinogenic tar into your lungs, decreasing your risk of cancer.

Now, keep it mind that the strength of the weed matters, especially for newbies. However, vaping is still deemed safe. In addition, it is important to always know how much THC is in what you’re using, that is for anyone who is smoking marijuana. For example, if you are using hash oil, which is usually more potent than regular weed, you need to control your intake. It’s also important to know what’s in your hash oil before vaping.

Overall, there is no “danger” per se. However, you could have an insanely strong high if you aren’t careful with how much you’re inhaling for the first few times. It has been shown that vaporizing delivers about 50% of THC. This means you are receiving more of the psychoactive cannabinoid. Test it out a couple times, see what your body can handle, and figure out the right quantity of the element that is comfortable for you.

What Types of Cannabis Can Be Vaporized?

Before you take off on your vaping mission, keep in mind that there are two main types of cannabis that can be vaporized; Cannabis oils, and the actual marijuana plant, which are mainly flowers and buds.

Cannabis oil is one of the most popular elements for marijuana vaporizing. There are three oils that are commonly used when vaping; Hemp oil, CBD oil, Marijuana oil. If you are a beginner, you’re probably wondering, what in the world is hemp and CBD? Hemp oil is commonly known as hemp seed oil, which is derived from the seed of a hemp plant. These seeds are the byproduct of the hemp plant, which is a plant in the cannabis genus. The hemp plant and the Marijuana plant are cousins in the plant world, however, marijuana plants contain a higher THC level. CBD oil is made up of multiple oils of the hemp plant, part of which do not contain THC, so we will move on from this option, this was strictly for your knowledge. Lastly, marijuana oil is strictly made from medicinal marijuana with a much higher level of THC. An important thing to remember is THC oil, cannabis oil, and marijuana oil are all the same!

Yes, flower buds from the marijuana plant CAN be vaporized. In fact, vaporizing the plant material is highly recommended as the best method of marijuana consumption. Here is a tip from the experts; as a beginner, choose a high-quality vaporizer so you don’t inhale marijuana smoke. The better the vaporizer the better the temperature is controlled.

What Kind of Vaping Devices Are There?

The vaporizing market is extremely easy to navigate, as there are four main types of devices. Table top vaporizers, dab rings, and vape pens are the available choices on the market. Traditional desktop vaporizers are considered one of the safest methods for inhaling marijuana and in fact the most recommended. Vape pens, which look similar to e-cigarettes, have a reputation as not being as reliable as desktop vaporizers. However, vape pens are very convenient and are concealable. Lastly, the dab rigs resemble a type of bong. The word “dabbing” is the inhalation of marijuana from extracts vapors created by the heating of the skillet, and saving the vapor in the “dome”. This one is not the most popular form of vaporizing, but what it’s nice to experiment every now and then.

It is also vitally important to know about the dry herb atomizers. An atomizer is an essential part of any of these vaporizers because it is the part that turns the dry herb, or oils into the vapor. A dry herb atomizer is commonly described as a “tank” that is designed especially for vaping marijuana. The post about the Best Dry Herb Atomizer: My Top 4 (Dry Herb) Vape Tanks explains this further.

What are terpenes? Terpenes can be found in various other fruits, plants and common legal herbs and are mostly responsible for the aroma, flavor, and fragrance of many more living things. They focus on receptors and neurotransmitters which can be combined with or can be dissolved in fats. The thing is, terpenes provide the distinctive smell not only in cannabis but also all legal herbs, all flowers, plants, and trees in nature.

What Are the Benefits to Vaping Marijuana Rather Than Smoking?

  • Healthier for your lungs than smoking: Vapor from the marijuana contains little to none of the toxins found in smoking.
  • Fast, easy, and discreet: Vaping make it easy to control a dose, also if it is through a vape pen, it is made easier and more discreet than a joint or a blunt.
  • Efficient: In a vaporizer, you use 10% to 30% less of the herb than in joints or bongs.
  • Little to zero smell: There is very little marijuana odor when vaporizing. You will only experience a little herb odor.

Information on vaping marijuana is abundant, but the beginner’s essentials are all you need to start your marijuana vaping journey. Some important factors to keep in mind are that vaporizing is much safer than smoking, you can use oil or dry herb, and enjoy the diversity of counter top vaporizers, vape pens, and dab rings. Now that you have all the information you need, you’re all set to vape away!

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