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WIRE: Cura Cannabis Solutions launches new Social pen vape

Cura Cannabis Solutions, the leading provider of cannabis vape cartridges (through their brand Select) and oil in Oregon, announced today the launch of their new Social pen product, a revolutionary low-dose, discreet and disposable vaporizer that can be used anytime, anywhere. Speaking of this powerful vape pens product, they are small, pen-sized vaporizers that are designed to fit easily into a pocket or purse. Most of these vaping devices are hardly larger than the average ink pen, usually only a little bit longer. Good for those vapers who want to satisfy the needs of serious vaping.

Social is formulated with low THC levels for a mild, mellow effect. It is extremely portable so users can avoid the use of papers, lighters and pipes or even batteries and chargers. Users can be assured that it never smells like cannabis, but natural flavors such as vanilla, blueberry, watermelon, and strawberry.

“Our Social pen truly takes vaping to a whole new level,” said Cura CEO Nitin Khanna. “The new e liquid product emerged from a trend of consumers preferring low THC content levels for a buzzed, not stoned effect. We wanted to create a product that provides our valued customers the comfort of vaping that can be accomplished tastefully whenever, wherever.”

The Social pen comes in an array of fun colors in stylish cartridges and unique flavors and will be available where Select cannabis products are sold. It can be used as an alternative to vaping nicotine or can be used daily for those who have oral cravings without getting high. Calming herbs and flowers are mixed with low levels of THC to promote a sense of ease and relaxation while alleviating stress.

As always, all Cura products are tested and verified under Oregon’s ORELAP (Oregon Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program) testing processes.

Founded in 2015, Cura runs three facilities with 125 employees in Portland, Oregon. The company recently announced major expansion plans for California, which include a new 10,000 square-foot facility in Sacramento with plans to open another in Los Angeles.

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About Cura Cannabis Solutions

Cura’s mission is to be the leading provider of cannabis oil to both consumers and premium edible brands in legal US and international markets. 

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