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Strain Sheet: Dirty Alien Glue wax from Torch Nortwest (Washington)

Dirty Alien Glue wax from Torch Northwest (Washington)

Reviewer: SueVo
Strain: Dirty Alien Glue wax (No strain info available)(THC = 68.1%)(Sold at High 5)
Grower: Torch Northwest (branding as Torch Waxx)(Washington)
Onset time: About three minutes to kick in
Fade: About an hour and 20 minutes
Strength: Strong
Tingling (where did you feel it): Upper back, ears, cheeks, shoulders, shins, boobs.
Control (can you maintain focus, etc): A bit spacey with some head fuzz. Control and focus aren’t great.
Emotions: Calm, relaxed, happy.
Paranoia: No
Energy level: Medium. Good for a walk or light workout.
Smell: Citrus with a little skunk.
Relieves: Stress, back pain, anxiety, possibly earaches or headaches.
Positives: Nice happy bright head buzz with a full array of body relaxation and tingles. The high feels very clean.
Negatives: None.
Other notes: I like when they say what pesticides they use – all green products here from what I can tell. Was has a lovely sugary crumble consistency. It’s not very moldable, but it also doesn’t stick to your fingers.

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