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LIVING: How to use a reclaim catcher for a dab rig

By Jesse Whitman

Is your dab rig full of sticky black resin? If it is, you probably want it out of there. But what do you do with it once it’s out? Don’t let the oily look of resin fool you; that stuff is black gold (or at least black silver) if you know what to do with it! Let us show you how to make the most of your dabbing leftovers.

To start, you need somewhere to put your reclaimed resin. You can use wax paper, which is the same type of paper your dabs come with. If you want something more compact and discreet, look into getting a silicon jar. Not only are they smaller than dab sheets, but they also have non-stick surfaces.

Once you have a place to put your catcher, then you can start reclaiming! If you have a reclaim catcher, collecting resin is as easy as inserting your dab tool into the catcher, and picking up the leftover resin (it helps if you have a dab tool with a scoop). This is the easiest method, but gets the least amount of resin. This is because most of the waxy resin is stuck to the insides of the glass.

In order to get more resin, take your rig, hold it upside down, and then lightly touch it with your torch’s flame at the lowest setting (you might want to be wearing gloves for this part). The heat from the torch will make the glass hotter than the resin, which will eventually make the resin separate and slide out. While this is a simple process, keep in mind that it takes a long time and also might be risky if you have an intricate heady glass dab rig. Even at low heat, the flame can mildly distort your glass pipe.

If you want to extract the maximum resin from your bong, while also ensuring optimal safety, there is yet another method. To start, pour alcohol into your rig, making sure you leave plenty of air inside. Then, close all the openings and shake it vigorously for as long as you’d like. Set down your rig once you’re done. For the next step, you’ll need a griddle and a pyrex bowl. Put the Pyrex bowl on the griddle and heat it to 175 degrees. Once the bowl is sufficiently hot (i.e. you can feel the heat over it), pour the alcohol from your rig into the bowl. As the alcohol boils, the resin should gather into clumps that you can pick up with a slotted spoon. Aside from getting more of your resin out of the bong, this method also removes the most water from your resin, which makes it less messy when it’s heated.

No matter what method you use to gather your resin, either smear it on your wax paper or put it in a concentrate jar once you’ve got a hold of it. Many people then put the paper/jar in the fridge or freezer, so the resin can become more solid.

Now that you have your resin, what are you going to do with it? The most obvious answer would be to dab it. That’s not a bad option; even burnt concentrate contains the same active ingredients as fresh concentrate. Burnt concentrate is shown to have a higher concentration of active ingredients due to much of its strength being activated by the heat. The only thing is that burnt concentrate tastes burnt, meaning that it might be too harsh for some smokers. In addition, there’s almost always water trapped in the reclaim catcher, which can make the dab sizzle uncontrollably once heated. Though dabbing is still a viable option, there are alternative uses for resin.

The most common use of reclaimed resin is for seasoning unused nails. In order to extract the Chemicals For Scientists that are left over from factory production, dab some of your resin on your new nail. Afterwards, season your nail normally (as described in this article). The seasoning of the nail should allow for tastier and cleaner dabs in the future.

Another use for this collected resin is making edibles. Because resin already has active ingredients, you don’t need to worry about the baking your materials in order to feel its effects. You can mix the resin into butter or oil, and spread it on any food you like. Given the harshness of the flavor, it’s best to mix resin with coconut oil, which makes a natural flavor counterbalance.

The most advanced use of this resin is converting it into pills. Though this is more complex than adding it to food, the final result will allow you to dose anytime you want!

Things You’ll Need:

  1. Reclaim Catcher
  2. Pharmacy Capsules
  3. Coconut Oil
  4. Empty Soda Can
  5. Scissors
  6. Sharp Knife
  7. Saucepan and Stove
  8. Herb Scale
  9. Weighty Kitchen Utensil (Spatula, Spoon, etc)
  10. Cardboard box (optional)
  11. Pointy Object (optional)

The Steps

1. Prepare The Can

Take an empty soda can and puncture it horizontally at the middle of the can. Once a horizontal slit is made, take the knife out and use the scissors to cut the can in half. Make sure it’s a straight cut throughout.

2. Fill The Can

Pour as much resin as you want into the can. If you haven’t yet stored the resin from your rig, torch the rig’s joint or reclaim catcher until it slides right into the can. Once filled, weigh the can on your scale and memorize the number.

3. Prepare The Saucepan

Take out your saucepan and pour water in it. There should be just enough water to where the can could be almost but not fully submerged. Then, put the pot on the stove and place a weighty kitchen utensil on top of the can to keep it partially submerged. Heat the saucepan at medium low heat until the water boils, which should take about 35 min.

4. Prepare The Mixture

Take out your coconut oil. However much the can weighs, pour double that weight of coconut oil into the can. The coconut oil will help you digest the pills. Mix the coconut oil and resin occasionally, as it heats. This should take about 30 min.

5. Prepare The Pills

After 30 mins, remove the can from the saucepan and pinch the side of it in order to make a pitcher-like spout. Take out your capsules and begin pouring the mixture into them. If you’re having issues holding up the capsule during this, take a cardboard box and poke capsule sized holes in it with a pointy object so you can have a makeshift assembly line. Once filled, cap all your capsules and put your finished pills in a discreet place.

When you have a reclaim catcher, resin is much more than just sticky stuff in your dab rig. When saved, you can repurpose it in at least one way that can be useful for you. Just make sure to be safe in whatever method you use, and don’t be afraid to experiment with reclaimed resin!

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