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WIRE: Ellementa launches national women’s cannabis wellness network

CHICAGO — Web and social media pioneer Aliza Sherman and documentary filmmaker and tech innovator Melissa Pierce recently joined forces to launch Ellementa, a network for women focused on the health and wellness benefits of cannabis.

Ellementa is an online and offline community and resource filling a gap in the market for credible, female-specific information about cannabis wellness.

The next in-person Ellementa Gathering takes place in Denver on Wednesday, June 7th at 6:30 p.m. at Postmodern Company, 2734 Walnut Street Denver, CO.

“Women are at the epicenter of caregiving within communities and families. Cannabis can be a critical element of caregiving and self-care,” said Aliza Sherman, CEO of Ellementa, who in 1995 founded the first woman-owned, full-service Internet company, Cybergrrl, Inc., and the first Internet organization for women, Webgrrls, International. “Women can join Ellementa and immediately be part of a growing community of women who are looking for a better understanding of the proper and legal use of cannabis.”

Although federally still illegal, over 95% of adults in the United States live in a state with some form of legal marijuana. Currently, 28 states and Washington, D.C. allow either medicinal marijuana, adult use (recreational) or both.

“Ellementa doesn’t sell cannabis, so we are able to launch in the United States, Canada and anywhere else,” said Melissa Pierce, CMO of Ellementa, former COO of Chicago fashion tech startup Everpurse who also founded the women’s computer programming network, Chicago Women Developers. “We’re serving women 35 and over who are experiencing major life transitions and health changes and want to know how cannabis can help.”

Ellementa offers national and local memberships for women with benefits including discounts on cannabis-related meetings, events, products and services. Ellementa offers brands access to insights about women and cannabis.

For more information, visit and @EllementaWoman on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

For interviews, contact: Angeles Winesett,, 907-312-2922

Ellementa is the premiere, trusted network and resource for women focused on cannabis and women’s health and wellbeing. Launched by Web pioneer Aliza Sherman and tech innovator Melissa Pierce, Ellementa fills the need for female-specific information about cannabis. Ellementa combats the misinformation, stigma and fear surrounding cannabis and provides women with safe spaces to learn about cannabis wellness.

CONTACT: Angeles Winesett,, 907-312-2922

SOURCE Ellementa, Inc.

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