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WIRE: NFL Linebacker Jack Ham partners with AGRiMED for cannabis advocacy in pennsylvania

PITTSBURGH — One of the greatest outside linebackers in the history of the NFL is joining forces with AGRiMED Industries LLC as an advocate for medical marijuana in Pennsylvania – connecting patients with the help they need – and helping to create careers for the Pennsylvania communities.

Legendary Pittsburgh Steeler and native son Jack Ham plans to serve as a spokesperson and consultant for AGRiMED, which has plans to grow and provide cannabis for patients who meet a qualifying medical condition for the therapeutic use of marijuana.

“I’m not talking about people getting high, doing recreational drugs,” he said. “This is about medicine and giving patients an alternative option to manage pain and other medical complications that arise from cancer treatment, and other problems.”

As many counties continue to grapple with crippling addiction and drug-related overdoses – for many communities an all-time high – Ham hopes “to help people be more aware there’s other options out there rather than continuing to mask problems with painkillers and opiates.”

Though he considers himself lucky with his relatively few career injuries (thanks to good training and smart nutrition – in addition to a career playing with the founding members of the Steel Curtain), Ham said of the foot injury that stopped him from playing Super Bowl XIV – he wished that there had been legal alternatives to the pain killers prescribed to treat his pain.

“I didn’t have any alternatives to consider during that period of time. The medication was almost as bad as the initial surgery on my foot. It didn’t bring me the relief I really wanted,” he explained. “I can see myself down the road here – yes, without question – taking medical marijuana for any kind of a pain situation I have as I go further in life.”

The Penn State graduate not only plans to help educate the community on the benefits of medical cannabis, he also wants to bring a much-needed economic boost to Southwestern Pennsylvania. “We’re not talking about jobs in fast food, we’re talking about real careers right now for people.”

AGRiMED announced in March it expects to create at least 62 new jobs in Greene County where it will grow medical marijuana in a new state-of-the-art facility.

“All the companies I worked for throughout my career have been in Pennsylvania, and with AGRiMED I’ll continue to do that – from working at the country club as a bus boy, to the Pittsburgh Steelers, NAHL’s Johnstown Tomahawks minority owner, Penn State Sports Network football broadcast team member, to AGRiMED. So – you talk about a Pennsylvania guy, I am that through and through.”

For additional information or to coordinate an interview with Jack Ham or a representative at AGRiMED Industries, please call (413) 247-4633 or email


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