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WIRE: CannaCare and Ardent host Memorial Day decarboxylator sale to help PTSD vets

Colorado — CannaCare Docs and Ardent are teaming up for a special Memorial Day offer for all patients and a continued pledge to help veterans suffering from PTSD. Now through May 31st, use promo code HELPVETS to save $35 off an Ardent decarboxylator at

10% of every sale will go directly to supporting cutting edge research into the benefits of cannabis in treating PTSD. Millions of veterans suffer from PTSD and over 8,000 lose their lives every year as a result. Cannabis has been a source of relief for so many, allowing some Veterans to completely eliminate the use of pharmaceuticals on their road to recovery. Bringing cannabis PTSD research mainstream will help in the ongoing fight for veteran access to this amazing medicine.

The NOVA decarboxylator allows patients to get more out of their medicine and create topical, edible, and sublingual treatments at a fraction of the cost. The NOVA uses advanced technology to fully activate flower, kief, trim, or concentrates with no degradation, and these are just some of the ways it is improving life for patients:


“Let me tell you; this wonderful machine changes everything! I ingested half my normal (oven decarb) dose and it was just as effective if not more.” -David A.

“I am loving the machine, and it has indeed drastically improved the quality of my Shea butter mix.” -Micha K

“Your product rocks! It was wonderful to relax on the sofa instead of pacing in front of my oven. The 100% THC activation makes the whole baking experience better because I won’t worry about wasting medicine in the process.” -Patrick B.

“The Nova has really helped making medibles “tons” easier and faster, with better overall symptom relief effects.” Tom C

“I am so thrilled with the machine. Tried it directly sublingual style and it was brilliant.” -Gail S.

Join CannaCare and Ardent in spreading the science and technology of medical cannabis and helping Veterans heal. Thanks in advance for your support, and happy decarbing!

Canna Care Docs + Ardent

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