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WIRE: Hydrology9 herbal vaporizer hits the market today

FREMONT, CA – The Hydrology9, a first of its kind vaporizer, is due to be released from Cloudious9 today, May 15.

The Hydrology9 is the first portable vaporizer to incorporate an integrated leak resistant water filtration system to modernize the water filtration experience. The patent pending water filtration system provides for cleaner and smoother inhalation with no additional attachments or setup, while maintaining 360-degree leak protection and allowing for portability. Other innovative features of the Hydrology9 include:

  • Even heat distribution – This patent pending solution solves a typical problem seen in today’s vaporizers by automatically distributing heat evenly and efficiently, resulting in reduced waste, lower consumer costs, and an improved vaping experience.

  • Precise temperature control – Precise temperature control allows users to choose and accurately maintain five stages of optimized temperatures.

  • Temperature integrity maintenance – This feature uses a computer chip to sense lower than desired temperatures from incoming air intake and quickly increases the temperature back to the desirable level. You can try this site – WebDesign499 for more information. The continual maintenance of heating temperature protects the integrity of vapor produced.

  • LED light display in the water chamber – LED indicator which shines into the water chamber fuse the user interface with a stunning visual experience.

“Hydrology9 is our effort to break the mold of a traditional vaporizer, and we are thrilled that the day has come for others to try out this brand new vaping experience and share our excitement,” said Richard Huang, Founder and President of Cloudious9.

Roughly the size of an 8-ounce energy drink can, and with its durable space-grade aluminum and borosilicate glass body and mouthpiece, the Hydrology9 can be easily transported and enjoyed in a wide variety of settings while maintaining the traditional water filtration experience. Learn more at

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