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WIRE: Cultivation Technologies launches genetics improvement program for medical cannabis

IRVINE, CA — Cultivation Technologies, Inc. (“CTI”), a leader in medical Cannabis infrastructure, science, and branding, announced today that it has formed a specialized Plant Molecular Breeding group which will utilize modern genomic tools to unlock the medical potential of Cannabis.

For thousands of years, Cannabis has been regarded as a plant with numerous beneficial applications, yet the genetic and biochemical profiles of Cannabis have only been summarily explored. CTI plans to uncover the hidden truths within Cannabis while improving yield, quality and consistency. Leading the CTI genetics team is Chief Science Officer Eric J. Mathur, whose exemplary industrial biotechnology career includes the successful improvement of multiple plants through molecular breeding. His work on the rubber-producing desert shrub, Guayule [pronounced why-yoo-lee], resulted in an estimated 10x improvement in yield with dramatically increased crop uniformity and was publicized by Wired magazine.

Mathur is joined by Dr. Robert J. Schmidt, Vice President of Plant Sciences. Dr. Schmidt is an Emeritus Professor at the University of California, San Diego and an elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Dr. Schmidt is an expert in plant genetics and a leader in the field of crop improvement and plant domestication. Together, Mathur and Schmidt have 70 years of combined agricultural breeding and biotechnology expertise.

With improved strain purity that delivers a consistent chemical profile, medicinal attributes will be defined and delivered with agronomic precision. Mathur explains “We’re on the cusp of developing the next generation of Cannabis. CTI’s Cannabis domestication program will result in high productivity and disease resistance attributes with uniform and consistent results.”

Cannabis domestication has been largely untouched, due to the knowledge and infrastructure required. Mathur details some of this effort, stating “this work involves iterative purification and selection trials of parental lines followed by heterotic crossing blocks designed to produce true Cannabis hybrid cultivars with defined chemical profiles, which have been dialed-in to specific medical maladies. Everyone can benefit from our efforts.”

The investment CTI is making in genetics and Cannabis domestication is part of their “grow the industry” strategy and follows on the heels of their recent work with the state of California to improve extraction safety and quality via the company-sponsored Assembly Bill 2679.

CTI executive Miguel Motta is no stranger to modern plant sciences and agriculture. A long-time colleague of Mathur & Schmidt, Motta has led large-scale agriculture developments both domestically and abroad. Mr. Motta is passionate about the potential impact his company will have in the near future, adding “CTI is committed to leading the industry with the best available science and operational techniques. Our goal is to deliver the most consistent product with beneficial efficacy. Our techniques are non-GMO and follow our company mandate to use the best practices available and to do so with transparency.”

Further information about CTI and the Coachella Cannabis campus are available at

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