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Strain Sheet: Sour Diesel Wax from Solstice (Washington)

Sour Diesel Wax from Solstice (Washington)

Name: Megan
Product: Sour Diesel (Sativa – possible descendant of Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk)
Grower: Solstice (Seattle, Washington)
Stats: THC 89.4%
Onset: Right away
Fade: Two hours
Smell: Lemony, sweet THC oil, basil
Taste: Lemon, cream, gelato
Texture: Liquidly live resin
Smooth/Harsh: Very smooth (smaller hits) and tasty!
Tingling: Back of neck, top of my head
Emotions: Motivated, excited, happy
Control/Focus: On point! High energy! Great wakefulness.
Strength: 10
Energy Level: 9
Paranoia: None
Relieves: Stress, bad mood, agitation
Positive: This is my favorite texture of concentrate. For me, live resin (that sugar and honey texture) is the easiest to dab with and hits smooth every time. Also, I have yet to have a live resin with that perfect texture that does not taste delicious.
Negative: None

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