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WIRE: THC Design launches new preroll product line in California

LOS ANGELES, CA — THC Design, a world-leading breeder and cultivator of cannabis in California, launched the newest addition to its award-winning brand — six pre-rolled joints available in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid varieties and packaged in newly engineered, durable, odor-reducing tins designed for discretion and convenience.

The new line, which contains 3.5 grams of high-quality, THC Design estate-grown cannabis in each tin, will initially be available in more than 30 dispensaries throughout the Greater Los Angeles region and in additional locations in the coming weeks and months as the product continues its rollout.

“Our cultivators and scientists came together to develop our new estate-grown pre-roll line, which sets a whole new bar for quality, packaging, convenience, and discretion,” said President and Founder of THC Design Ryan Jennemann. “Everyone wants to have the perfect pre-roll. We tested countless different tips, papers, and blends before we found the perfect combination. From flavor, to smoothness, to consistency of burn, our pre-rolls have been meticulously crafted to offer the best possible experience.”

According to Arcview Market Research’s 5th Edition of the State of Legal Marijuana Markets showed on average, while the entire markets of Colorado, Washington, and Oregon grew 47% in 2016, the pre-roll category grew by whopping 121%. Pre-rolled cannabis is by far the fastest-growing category in Oregon, Washington, and especially Colorado as well. In contrast, other categories such as concentrates and edibles saw sizable—but incomparable growth rates—at 75% and 53%, respectively.

Jennemann added, “As demand for convenience continues to spike, our new estate-grown pre-rolls will be the answer. We are encouraged by the feedback we already have, and are excited to bring this new line first to aficionados in SoCal, and to more markets in the near future. Many of our customers have been searching for high-quality products available in packaging slim enough to inconspicuously slip into a pocket or purse when not in use—and now it’s here.”

The newly designed tins speak to the swiftly changing industry. Cannabis customers are not only looking for products that they can relate to—they are expecting more mature features. Each package of the estate-grown pre-rolls comes in a durable tin package, which includes superior quality humidity packets made of salt solution inside a permeable membrane and a paper layer, giving the customer a more balanced and enjoyable experience. The elegantly branded package dons only the THC Design logo, a portion of a THC molecule, in lavender, wintergreen, or turmeric colors on a black background and are streamlined and secure for easy and discrete access. The pre-rolls are also made with high-quality cannabis grown using environmentally sustainable practices.

The cannabis industry is quickly maturing in many ways. Last year the industry made a whopping $6.7B in national sales and hundreds of millions in retail sales. Women also now hold more than a third of management and executive positions in the industry, and, seniors ages 55+ are the fastest growing demographic of all cannabis users. The new six-pack of pre-rolled joints is a design evolution to match the growing industry’s needs.


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THC Design aims to set the standard for advanced cultivation practices and techniques by creating a self-sustainable operation via renewable energy resources. By partnering with leading scientists in various fields, THC Design hopes to break new ground in the cannabis industry and be a contributing voice in its advocacy and legalization. You can find more information at

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