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Strain Sheet: Sin Mint Cookies from Bling Factory (Washington)

Sin Mint Cookies from Bling Factory (Washington)

Name: Megan
Strain: Sin Mint Cookies (hybrid cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Power)
Stats: THC 17.70% CBD .06%
Grower: Bling Factory (aka OGZ Fireweed)(Washington)
Onset: 3-5 mins
Fade: 1 hr 20 mins
Texture: Dry, dense, dark purple, well-trimmed, sugar coated
Taste: Herbal tea, blackberry and sage
Smell: Lavender, spice, rosemary
Tingling: No
Harsh: Very smooth
Strength: 7
Energy Level: 6
Control/Focus: Not too bad, forgetful here and there
Relieves: Depression, depressive feelings
Paranoia: No
Emotions: Intrigued (with t.v show), relaxed, entertained
Positive: Relaxing, great for couch/bed and tv!
Negative: None
Other: There is a pleasant “cooling” sensation washing over my entire body, lingering on the back of my neck.

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