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In The ‘Couve: Clark College and Farmer Tom Lauerman launch cannabis health class series

By Sue Vorenberg
Cannabis Daily Record

Vancouver, Washington — Farmer Tom Lauerman, a medical cannabis farmer and activist, will join Clark College’s David Benedicktus for a five class series on “Cannabis and Your Health,” beginning on May 18.

The classes cost $89 and will be held Thursdays from 6-8 p.m. and will run through June 22, 2017.

Topics include information on pharmacology and health uses, health risks, detox centers in New Jersey, a dispensary and grower panel, a Q&A with dispensary providers, a review of different products, cannabis and others (like nixest, for mind enhancement). An overview of the history of cannabis – including its history in Vancouver, Washington, Lauerman said.

“Here in Vancouver we’ve done a lot of things – especially with medical cannabis,” Lauerman said. “I’ll be talking about that, some of the products people can use and a range of other things. Putting this together has been an exciting process.”

Details on the series are below:

Community Education – Spring Quarter 2017 “Cannabis and Your Health”
Location: Columbia Tech Center Campus Room 338
5/18 – 6/22/ 17: 5 weeks Thursdays 6:00 – 8:00PM
Note: Due to the instructors scheduling issues class will not be held June 1st instead a 5th class will be added 6/22/17.
Instructor: David Benedicktus, RN, BSN, (Retired)
Presentation: Lecture and videos supported by a variety of guest speakers

Course description:
What’s the current science on the medical and health benefits of cannabis? Wondering about the difference between medical and recreational cannabis? Learn about health conditions where marijuana has been found to have therapeutic uses. What are the health risks, including respiratory conditions as well as results of pesticide residue? Learn how cannabis is dispensed. Review the laws for medical and recreational marijuana, understanding what is legal in Washington State.

Course Schedule:

Week 1: May 18
Introduction to class syllabus and topics
Where did marijuana come from?
The history of cannabis: How the plant spread throughout the world
Medical Cannabis and the Law Anne van Leynseele and Chris Lynch from 7 Points Law
Growing your own with Farmer Tom Lauerman

Week 2: May 25
The pharmacology of cannabis
What are the different types of cannabis?
Current and potential health uses for cannabis
Forms of consumption and effects
History of Medical Cannabis with Farmer Tom Lauerman

Week 3: June 8
Health risks of cannabis
Comparison of cannabis addiction potential to other drugs
Q&A panel with dispensary providers

Week 4: June 15
Dispensary and grower panel
Review of medical cannabis products: bud, oils, topical, tinctures, sublingual sprays etc. with Farmer Tom Lauerman and Courtney Anne Braswell

Week 5: June 22
Patient Stories
Patient panel

Learning Outcomes

Outcome #1: Knowledge.
Describe what is meant by medical vs. recreational cannabis.
Identify types of cannabis.
Learn how cannabis is used to treat chronic disease.
Discover the uses of the different types of cannabis.

Outcome #2: Comprehension.
Understand the risk factors of episodic vs. regular cannabis use.
Define what organic means and what pesticides are used in cannabis production.
Review the current research on using cannabis in managing symptoms for chronic pain, MS symptoms, Parkinsonism symptoms, neuropathic pain, pediatric epilepsy, stomach problems, nausea and psychiatric disorders etc.

Outcome #3: Application
Explore how to read labels and shop for the right cannabis product in dispensaries.
Examine dosing, side effects and route of administration.
Learn the law and guidelines for growing cannabis at home.

Below are recommended references and online links to give you more information about the topics of this course:

“Cannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana” by Michael Backes
“The Botany of Desire” by Michael Pollan

Web Sites:
WA State Department of Health Info on Marijuana:
Drug Policy Alliance:
Doctors for Cannabis Regulation:
Law Enforcement Against prohibition:

INCLEMENT WEATHER: If the College cancels due to icy conditions you can find this on the college website ~ If Community Education concludes that the weather is too hazardous we may also decide to cancel this class. In that case you will receive both a phone call and email. Make certain that we have your correct contact information by viewing the class roster
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