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Strain Sheet: Knight Fighter from Greenthumb Organics (Washington)

Knight Fighter from Greenthumb Organics (Washington)

Name: Megan
Strain: Knight Fighter (Indica of unknown parentage)
Grower: Greenthumb Organics (aka OGZ Fireweed)(Washington) 20.09% THC
Onset: 4-5 mins
Fade: 90 mins
Texture: Thick, dense, well-trimmed, dry
Taste: Kushy, green, fresh and tasted like Mountain Dew (I did not drink Mountain Dew before-hand lol)
Smell: Granny-smith apples, applesauce, sour
Tingling: No
Emotions: Humorous, silly, giggly, relaxed
Focus/Control: I was able to focus if I wanted to (following along with a TV show, or reading) and I was able to close my eyes and relax and fall asleep much easier.
Strength: Strong
Relieves: Having a hard time falling asleep
Positive: Absolutely beautiful nugs, colorful and sugar coated
Negative: None

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