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WIRE: Oregon’s Cura Cannabis Solutions expands to California

Portland, OR – Portland based Cura Cannabis Solutions, the leading provider of cannabis vape cartridges in Oregon, is excited to announce they are expanding their market territory to California. This opportunity comes with the passing of Proposition 64, also referred to as the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, by California voters on November 8, 2016.

Cannabis is the fastest growing industry in America and as more states legalize recreational use, the demand for premium cannabis products has increased. Cura’s vape cartridge brand Select, is the top-selling cannabis product in Oregon. It provides consumers with the most flavorful, effective, safe and enjoyable vape experience on the market. With 38.8 million people California is the largest market within the industry, almost ten times the size of Oregon’s population.

The new market expansion is spearheaded by Cura President, Cameron Forni. It includes a new 10,000 square-foot facility in Sacramento, with plans to open another one in Los Angeles, and hiring 25 employees with a goal of adding 125 more employees by the end of year.

“Cura’s motto is that “Everything is Possible” and this expansion demonstrates that,” stated Forni. “We are integrating the same cooperative approach we use in Oregon that benefits everyone in the industry including growers, contract oil processors and dispensaries. Most importantly, millions of consumers will have access to the safest vape cartridges on the market. Plus, the state and citizens benefit from the tax revenue dollars created by our employees and from the sales of our products.”

Cura, currently operates three facilities with a total footprint of over 40,000 square feet in Portland and has grown from 15-person workforce to approximately 125 employees over the past year. In May of 2017, the Karma cbd oils in the UK company will begin offering Select branded CBD (cannabidiol hemp oil) cartridges, which will be produced at their new facility in SE Portland. Select CBD will be available online and retail locations and will allow consumers across the country to access Select’s premium vape experience.

“We have undergone extremely fast growth since we started in 2016 and we attribute it entirely to the fact that consumers absolutely love our product,” stated Nitin Khanna, CEO of Cura. “We are excited to start offering our Select products to savvy consumers in California.”

Sales of Select brand products began April 17, in Sacramento and Bay Area and in 30-days residents within those areas should be able to find Select vaping products in most dispensaries.

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About Cura Cannabis Solutions

Cura’s mission is to be the leading provider of cannabis oil to both consumers and premium edible brands in legal US and international markets. Select brand products include: Select CO2 vape cartridges, Select Elite THC Distillate and cannabis terpenes, Select Dabbables and Select CBD to be launched in May.

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