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WIRE: NORML to host “Faces of Prohibition” event in D.C. on April 19

Washington, DC — NORML is organizing a ‘Faces of Marijuana Prohibition’ event on Capitol Hill on April 19, where lawmakers and their staff will hear first-hand from those most adversely impacted by the criminalization of marijuana.

The following day on 4/20, marijuana consumers and advocates will gather around the world to show their support for ending marijuana prohibition. These celebratory gatherings seek to bring awareness to marijuana’s proven medicinal benefits, its hundreds of industrial uses, and the obvious need to end the mass arrest, stigmatization, and incarceration of nonviolent marijuana consumers.

“We must continue to educate our legislators and neighbors alike,” said Justin Strekal, NORML Political Director, “That is why on 4/19, victims of the prohibition-industrial complex will be meeting with congressional staffers and on 4/20, we are calling upon Americans to contact their members of Congress and say ‘Enough is Enough’ to marijuana prohibition.”

What: The Faces of Prohibition
When: April 19, 1pm – 2pm
Where: Cannon House Office Building, Room 122

Click here to view the invitation to Faces of Prohibition: 

NORML affiliates and chapters from around the country are planning to participate in local volunteer efforts to raise awareness of the failures of prohibition and the benefits of legalization. Advocates will also be taking to social media in an effort to generate tens of thousands of letters, e-mails, and phone calls to federal officials demanding that they end the federal government’s senseless war against responsible marijuana consumers.

The campaign can be viewed here: 

“Utilizing social media is a great way for us to communicate our message for NORML’s Day of Action,” said Kevin Mahmalji, Outreach Director for NORML. “The idea is to encourage marijuana advocates to unite behind a common goal and message of reform. We believe the sheer numbers alone will bring much needed positive attention to our cause.”

Never in modern history has there existed greater public support for ending the nation’s nearly century-long experiment with marijuana prohibition. The continued criminalization of adult marijuana users is out-of-step with the views of adults throughout America, 93% of whom support medical marijuana (Quinnipiac, 2017) and 60 percent of whom endorse the outright legalization of recreational marijuana (Gallup, 2016).

More information about NORML’s Day of Action can be found on

Contact: Justin Strekal
NORML Political Director

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