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Strain Sheet: Blue Magoo wax from NWCC (Washington)

Blue Magoo wax from NWCC (Washington)

Name: Megan
Product: Blue Magoo wax crumble (Sativa-dominant hybrid cross of DJ Short Blueberry and Major League Bud)(Purchased at The Herbery)
Grower: NWCC (Washington)
Stats: THCA 66.80%  CBD .11%
Onset: Immediate and strong!
Fade: 2 hrs
Texture: Crumble
Smell: Tropical, papaya
Taste: Sweet aftertaste
Harshness: Smooth
Tingling: Forehead
Emotions: Relief, relaxed, motivated
Paranoia: None
Strength: 10
Control: Not perfect but satisfactory
Focus: Great for tedious jobs
Energy Level: 8
Relieves: Stress, paranoia
Positive: Relaxing, relieving
Negative: Wish I had better self control
Other: Great price! I am glad I bought this! It helped me go to work when I really didn’t want to. This is a great “pick me up.”

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