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WIRE: West Edison Cannabis Concentrates unveils 95 percent pure THCa isolate

DENVER — Featured in more than 40 locations in Colorado, West Edison Cannabis Concentrates (“West Edison”) is known for its high quality cannabis products that target discerning medical and recreational customers. Now, using a new patent-pending extraction process, the company has become the exclusive supplier of a groundbreaking new product: single solvent 95%+ Pure THCa Isolate.

THCa is one of the two primary inactive cannabinoids that cannabis produces. THCa must be converted to its active counterpart THC using heat, which makes this product ideal for vaporizing. Activated THC is responsible for many of the medicinal and relaxing qualities associated with cannabis. A higher concentration of THCa allows for higher rates of conversion to active THC when vaporizing. This leads to a more satisfying experience at a lower dosage. Using cutting-edge technology, West Edison is now able to consistently deliver some of the purest THCa isolates available anywhere in the United States.

West Edison’s 95% Pure THCa Isolate is both Effective and Affordable

Although attitudes concerning cannabis use are changing, it may be many years before the average dispensary can offer a world class product to its customers. West Edison has taken a step beyond today’s production standards by investing in high-tech equipment rarely seen elsewhere.

West Edison’s specialized production process leverages advanced tools utilizing multiple levels of refinement. By using this technology, West Edison can provide exceptionally pure concentrates at a fraction of the cost of its competitors.

“Our machine is robust enough to power our unique, patent-pending method of isolating the natural compound with simple light hydrocarbons,” explains David Goodman III, Head Extractor. “The efficiency of our process allows us to keep up with demand while still making a quality product that’s affordable to the entire community.”

Because West Edison is able to operate on such a large scale, they are able to pass on significant operational savings to its customers. This makes its products highly competitive compared to the few other vendors of high-potency cannabis products in the state.

Colorado Cannabis Products Exceed the Norm in Health and Safety

Experts within West Edison have raised the possibility that consumers in neighboring states will soon be coming to Colorado thanks to the exceptional health and safety standards that are applied to cannabis and concentrate production – a factor they say is essential to the development of 95% Pure THCa Isolate.

Other labs routinely produce “high quality” isolates of 75% purity or less. Some of these isolates have been found to have mold, pesticides, plant waxes, and other impurities that can be introduced into the user’s body when the product is ingested or inhaled. West Edison’s 95% Pure THCa Isolate not only avoids these issues, but provides unprecedented accuracy and flexibility in medical dosing. Patients and retail customers are able to obtain a more accurately dosed medicine for various conditions, which is key to individual recovery and the overall success of using THC for therapeutic purposes.

“Our goal, when we began developing a pure THCa product, was to identify and isolate the primary inactive compound and purify it for cannabis consumers. This allows access to the most accurate doses possible to date and the best quality product that can be produced from our facility,” confirms Alex Padgett, Technical General Manager/Head Biologist at West Edison.

95% Pure THCa Isolate is now available to all recreational dispensaries in Colorado. Customers have already responded well to its convenience, potent anti-inflammatory effects, and the fact that it is non-psychoactive when orally ingested. Consumers should visit a certified dispensary to purchase the product.

Those interested in conducting clinical trials using 95% Pure THCa Isolate are encouraged to contact West Edison directly. The company also welcomes comments and questions from the press and members of the cannabis industry, including other dispensaries. West Edison sources emphasize the company’s commitment to cannabis best practices within Colorado and throughout the United States.

For more information, visit or connect with West Edison Cannabis Concentrates on Facebook or Instagram.

Media Contacts:
Pratt Bethers

Alex Padgett
Technical General Manager/Head Biologist

About West Edison Cannabis Concentrates

West Edison Cannabis Concentrates is a producer of the highest quality cannabis concentrates. Their product range includes cannabis wax, shatter, live resin, and the new 95% Pure THCa Isolate. Available in more than 40 dispensaries in Colorado and counting, West Edison operates one of the highest capacity labs in Colorado and has earned a reputation for their quick turnarounds on orders big and small that do not compromise the quality of their product.

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