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WIRE: Le Herbe partners with Qsonica to add green practices to cannabis production

Sarasota, FL – Le Herbe, manufacturer of ultra premium cannabis beverages, introduces partnership with Qsonica for development of modern cannabis processing, preservation and extraction techniques.

Le Herbe’s renowned food scientists and flavorist will utilize the world’s most advanced ultrasonic equipment to produce green chemistry for the production of liquid cannabis delivery systems. The science of sound is proving to be a one of a kind green technology that will play an important role in the cannabis industry for manufacturing products like beverages, tinctures, dietary supplements, etc.

Qsonica has been a leader in ultrasonic liquid processors for over 40 years and manufactures some of the most technologically advanced devices on the market. “Qsonica mainly serves the biotech industry and is excited to expand into the cannabis industry”, says Marc Lustig, Director of Business Development, Qsonica. “Le Herbe understands the importance of R&D and manufactures all-natural premium products, which fits well with our company culture. We look forward to working together on many projects that will alter the landscape of traditional cannabis processing, preservation and extraction techniques”, says Lustig.

A recent survey and market study of possible future applications of new technologies in the food and beverage industry has revealed that many companies are reluctant to apply new technologies. The main reason is poor understanding of these new techniques by food professionals and the reason or weight of tradition. Le Herbe is not one of those companies.

They analyzed the results that ultrasound can produce and quickly invested substantial resources to produce high-quality products with functional ingredients using green technology like ultrasonication.

“It is truly an honor to partner with Qsonica and work alongside such innovators, we plan on disrupting the status quo”, says J. Grillo, COO, Le Herbe. You can check out public data on cannabis nanoemulsions using ultrasound and other useful information by visiting

The current climate for research and development on Cannabis Sativa L in USA is in a sad state of affairs. Public universities are chomping at the bit to take a deep dive into the world of cannabis, but are being withheld by federal regulations. “Public and private collaboration usually helps bridge the knowledge gap, but because of red tape most cannabis manufacturers are blind to the complexities of making great products”, says Grillo. Le Herbe goes on to say that the best option for scientific breakthroughs on cannabis is via private funding and through private companies, not public. They challenge other cannabis companies to change their mentality and collaborate on R&D projects for the safety of the consumer and elimination of stigmas.

Inevitable discoveries that may help patients with cancer, epilepsy, PTSD, and other debilitating conditions are currently being overlooked by the polarization of this plant. Until we get sound regulations and descheduling from Washington D.C., tax payer monies will fund hundreds of questionable studies that support the “treatment industrial complex” (i.e., rehab/addiction) instead of real research that supports medical cures, food science and ultrasonic technology.


Qsonica has been a leader in the design, development and manufacturing of ultrasonic liquid processors for over 40 years and produces some of the most powerful, technologically advanced and reliable ultrasonic devices on the market. Qsonica utilizes state-of-the-art machinery and design tools maintain cutting edge approaches to research and development. Their 60,000 sq.ft facility houses the latest in titanium machining equipment and ultrasonic horn analysis software. Sonicators are designed, developed and produced in ISO 9001-certified manufacturing facility located at corporate headquarters in Newtown, Connecticut. The sales and marketing office is located in Melville, New York.

Source: Qsonica


Le Herbe opened for business on December 1, 2014. This private and family-owned company is pioneering all-natural cannabis beverages with patent-pending and proprietary processes of infusing cannabis oil in water with a non-alcoholic solution. The team is comprised of exquisite talent in the field of cannabis cultivation, extraction, food science, bottling automation, and logistics. The love of cannabis combines individual traits into a respected company ethos and four basic principles: backed by the science of cannabis, people over profits, quality over quantity, and disruptive innovation. Le Herbe is the founding member of the Cannabis Beverage Association (CBA), an exclusive group of cannabis beverage manufacturers that help beverage start-ups and lobby for better regulations, and author of the white paper “The Art and Science of Cannabis Beverages”.

Source: Le Herbe


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